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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Learning Dean Winchester: Prologue

        Sam Winchester sat in the diner across from his brother, watching the man stuff food into his mouth and hitting on a pretty blond waitress.  The younger brother was frustrated and angry.   He wanted out. 

        His list of reasons grew longer every day.  The Dean who returned from Purgatory was worse than the Dean who was sent there.  Sam saw no reason to have to continue his existence living and hunting with is big brother.  He wanted other things.  Most of all he wanted out from under the burden of Dean.

        Sam looked up as Dean went to pay for the meal.  The older man turned and winked at him.  Sam sighed.  There was no telling what time the man would return to their room.   Standing and stretching his tall frame, the younger hunter nodded and walked out of the restaurant.  It was a half mile hike back to the motel and the weather was growing colder.  He looked at roiling clouds in the sky and thought, ‘Snow or ice?’

        The good thing for him was no brother tonight.   Sam smiled softly and walked faster.

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