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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Learning Sam Winchester: Chapter Six

Before I start this chapter.  I have been receiving a large number of attacks by Sam Girls.  I am biased.  That is not what this story is about.  I suggest that those who think I am go back to season one and follow Sam and Dean closely and don't take sides.  I'm not.  Thanks so much for the great reviews.


        The younger man awoke with a jerk when the hoarse whisper pierced his slumbers.  He looked into a pair of green eyes filled with pain.  Noticing the time on the clock, he checked the medicine schedule and took out two pills.  He carefully lifted his brother and helped him take the pills.  Dean swallowed the water thirstily.

        “Not too much, Dude,” Sam softly told the injured man.  “I’ll give you some more in a little while.  Let’s see how you do with this.”

        “Where are we?”

        “A cabin Cas took us to.  How are you feeling?”

        “I’ll be fine.”

        “Okay, Mr. Macho.  Now, how are you feeling?”

        “I said I’m….”

        “Cut the crap, Dean.  I know you better than anyone.  How are you feeling?”      

        Green eyes stared into hazel ones.  The older hunter licked his dry lips.  Sam heard a deep sigh and grinned.

        “It’s not funny, Sammy,” whispered the injured man.

        “Of course it is, Dean.  You don’t have a con to get out of the truth this time.  It’s hilarious.”

        “It’s hurts like hell.”

        “I thought as much.  I brought a book I thought you might like.  I’ll read to you for a bit.  Get your mind off the pain.”

        “kay,” Dean said softly.

        Sam opened the book and began to read.  Halfway through the first chapter, Dean dozed off.

        Sam stared at his brother, thinking he should have been doing this all along.  Of course, Dad would’ve raised hell, but Dad hadn’t been around in a long time.  Sam laid his head back and dozed off.  At least he got Dean to admit he hurt.  He smiled as drifted off to sleep.

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