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Friday, November 9, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Eight: Aftermath Part II

        Castiel was beginning to worry about Dean.  His charge was not eating, barely drinking anything, and his rest was sleepless.  The angel knew he would have to intervene to keep the boy alert and able to continue his travels. 

        Sam stayed away from the highways.  He had read a book on traveling without being seen.  The child figured it was the best way to get back to Dean.  He had a map and was charting as he walked.  Sometimes he snuck onto a truck or trailer being pulled and would hide under a tarp.  He found places that were safe to sleep in. 

        Dean had no idea how close he was to finding his little brother.  Castiel had helped him travel day after day without his knowledge.  The angel knew that all those who were searching were frantic, looking closer to home and know knowing that Dean had help.

        The last night, Dean tried to sleep and dozed for a few minutes.  He awoke with tears streaming down his face.  He stared at the stars, wishing there was someone he could believe in to pray to.  He knew there was no way he would find Sam.  The boy was frightened.

        The angel touched his charge and made him go to sleep.  He put sigils around the area to protect the boy.  He left him and went to find Sam.  The young boy was asleep in a thicket.  Castiel gently touched him and caused him to move.

        Sam was placed next to his brother.  Neither knew the other was there, but the comfort of being together permeated the atmosphere surrounding the two boys; encouraged by one guardian angel.  

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