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Friday, November 16, 2012

Learning Dean Winchester: Chapter Two

        Sam turned and stared.  They were in a large room with log walls with a massive beamed ceiling.  A roaring fire in the large rock fireplace gave out heat and hominess. 

        He walked to the door and stepped out onto a large covered porch with rocking chairs and a table inviting him to sit and stare at a wonderful view.  The house was on a mountain with a lake in the distance.

        The Impala was parked beside the cabin. This reminded him of Dean.  He went back into the house and began to search.  There was a large, well-stocked kitchen.  There was a bath off the hallway and three bedrooms.  Dean lay on a bed in the Master.  Castiel sat on a chair beside him.

        Sam entered and stared his brother, who was still drugged from the surgery.  The I.V. had been removed.  A medical kit contained the drugs and supplies that would be needed.  Looking at the angel from his taller height, Sam frowned.

        “Are you going to heal him so we can get out of here?”

        “No, I am not.  The time has come for you to face your issues, Sam.”

        “My issues?”

        “Yes.  I am sorry you have to go through this, but I am even more sorry Dean has to suffer because of it.  If I healed him, you would not learn.”

        “Learn what?”

        “Your brother, Sam.”

        “My what?”

        “I do not believe you are deaf, Sam, and I know how intelligent you are.  We are going to spend some time learning why Dean Winchester is what he is.  I am actually surprised you never bothered before this, but you will now.”

        The angel watched the younger brother walk out of the bedroom and go sit on the porch.

        The smell of the trees and sound of the wind blowing, soothed the younger Winchester.  He reflected on his anger and how he wanted out.  Maybe.  Maybe it would not hurt to listen.  He could still leave.

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