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Monday, September 6, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 16

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.


Mello piped in. "Maybe so..but Near will have to be shown. It's just who he is."

“I know who he is, Mello, but I wanted him to understand where Cas was coming from and why I trust him. Near is special to me, and I always want understanding between us.”

The blond's face hardened slightly and he went to the window, watching out. L gave a soft sigh. This was going to explode later.

Dean saw the look and walked over to Mello. “Mello, I'd like to make peace between us and get know you like I know Near. I want to be friends, and I had hoped our adventure tonight might open a door between us.” Dean wanted to reach out and touch him but wasn't sure if it would be accepted. He stood close enough behind the blond that Mello could hear his breathing.

He nodded, voice low. "Yeah..we can try."

“I would like to find time alone for each of you, but also do things together if you would allow that. I'm trying to build friendships and family here with all of you.”

"It's him I have the problem with."

“Mello, Near is very special. He may be different but we should find joy in the difference. He has a soft heart but doesn't understand it. Little things bring a joy he doesn't understand. He needs us to show him how. Why do you have a problem? I want to understand. Do you know that you are special too. There were things about you I had problems with but I want to overcome those problems and learn you and care about you. We all need that.”

The voice was bitter. "He's always special, always important. I work my fingers to the bone and he always beats me. No emotions..just a fucking ball of cotton."

“You have something he would trade all of his genius for, Mello. He wants to feel. It hurts but he doesn't understand hes hurting. He's lonely, Mello. He told me he had no friends, but he does because I'm his friend. I've come to love and appreciate him in a very short time. He may beat you but he feels no joy in that, nothing. It is a burden he bears and does not understand that he does. There's an emptiness he doesn't know how to fill.

“You, Near, and Matt are all three with L because all three of you are special. This is not a contest. You all three have gifts and talents that compliment each other. No matter which one of you becomes L, it will take all three of you to be him. Not a one of you has what L has. Don't you see that. Near has the genius, you have the skills to comprehend how to handle a battle, to fight remarkably well, and you have the leadership abilities. Matt, is the mechanical genius. You all three need each other to fulfill each other and become the leadership to be L when he retires. Near may have the title but he's nothing without you and Matt. If either of you gain the title, you will be nothing without the other two. Near can not handle being outside or among people. Who will represent L in those situations? It would be you. Don't you realize that you three are like brothers....triplets, you all have situations that hurt and disturb you, but when you pull together, you are one.”

He rubbed his arm idly, thinking on what the hunter had said. "I will think on it."

“Okay, please do think hard. It makes sense and you're a real sensible guy. You're just hurting like a lot of us are.”

Mello nodded. "Just..hate trying so hard and not even succeeding."

“But I don't understand. You each have your own expertise. You succeed all the time in areas where Near doesn't. You complete each other not tear each other down.”

"Something I remember. Be the best and no one can look down on you."

“The things I remember are when you are on the top, there are hundreds there to knock you off the top and take your place and then you have nothing. The best way, I've learned is to have each other's backs. If I had not had your back tonight, Mello, that creature would have done to you what happened to the other murder victims. You'd have had a quill and then been butchered. You thought yourself invincible before tonight. You learned that working together in the field and trusting each other keeps you alive. Its the same with everything else. You three will make L together. So what if Near has the title. He won't be out in the world much to enjoy the title. He just has the genius, but you and Matt will be the ones out there doing the work, enjoying the challenges. You both have genius as well, Mello. It's not a bad deal. There's three of you at the top. No one topples a conglomerate.”

He nodded, bangs falling into his eyes. "And thanks for having my back, by the way. Thought you were all talk but you seem to know what you're doing."

“Thanks, you were good out there tonight. You took the order to run and get help, and you were fast at it. I wouldn't mind you having my back any time.”

The blond gave him a grin. "You got it."

“Fair enough,” Dean held out a hand waiting for Mello.

He took the hand, shaking it with a firm grip.

Dean, taking this as another test, grinned, returning the firm grip.

Mello gave him a grin.

Dean turned serious, “I'm counting on you tonight. What I have to do is gonna get me hurt, and I'm gonna need ya.” He turned and looked at everyone in the room. “All of you. Near, you want to handle communication? I can't carry anything on me they might find and realize it's a trap. I need you to monitor where I am by heat signature. I know you can tell a person's emotion, body strength, and if they are injured by heat signatures. You can let them know what's halfway going on. I need you for that if you would. Cas should be back soon guys. This is gonna be it. We take them all out. No one gets out either exit. We have to kill them all. They are going to be going spastic once I kill the queen. She's the tough one to take out because of her protection, which is why I am going at it this way. Okay? I could use a cup of coffee while we wait on Cas.”

Dean headed towards the kitchen, yelling back, “Anyone else want anything while we wait?”

A slew of dessert orders followed him as Near worked with Matt to get the systems set up.

The hunter brought the desserts with glasses of milk for the boys and hot tea for L “No groans on the milk. It's good for you and goes well with desserts. Unless you're lactose intolerant, and I can tell a lie a mile away, you'll drink it.” grinned as he set the desserts and beverages down, and headed back into the kitchen and sat in the dark drinking his coffee.

The teens stared at the milk, then at L. The detective was obviously trying not to laugh, biting his thumb as he scanned over a file.

Dean grinned over imagined expressions as he sat in the dark and sipped the hot, bitter coffee. He always drank it strong. It kept him awake and alert, and tonight, he would need it. His grin turn to a pensive expression as he tried to map out what he would have to do. It was not going to be easy. He did not like pain, and this type of pain was going to be hard to keep control over. He seriously hoped Cas had no problems. He wanted a quick healing over this one, and the thought of Cas overdoing it or having problems scared him badly. He knew he had to keep a brave face on it. No one must know he was scared. Dean Winchester seldom told people that. The last time was when he finally told Sam he was afraid to go to hell. He tried to think of other things and just stared off into the distance, glad Sam was not involved. He could imagine the battle right now. He was surprised Bobby had given up so easily. It wasn't like him.

Near finished his milk, then leaned to murmur something to Matt. The other nodded, making an adjustment. It was obvious they were taking this very seriously.

Dean heard the fluttering of wings and Cas was in the kitchen. Cas' eyes sought him out. “Bobby has been breaking speed records in that truck of his for two days now. Did you know that a person can make it from South Dakota to west Texas in three days? He has not slept and he is not happy, Dean. He seems to blame me for it, but I was not here when you made what he is calling an asinine decision. I did not tell him you are doing it tonight. He would have demanded that I whisk him here. I did not think you needed his, what is the term?, bitching?, before you did this. Is everyone ready?”

Dean stared at him like he was from another planet. What was the purpose of this monologue from the angel? He sighed, “Yeah, let's get this over with.”

He rose and heading into the living area, with the angel right behind him.

L rose, looking at his heirs. "Near, Matt, are you ready?" Near donned the headset while Matt handed L, Mello, and Dean receivers and mikes that were wireless but powerful. "Just speak, we'll hear you."

Dean placed the mike and receiver in a machete sheathe. He undid his jeans and strapped the sheathe to his leg inside the jeans. He looked up with a wavering grin. “Pray they don't try to strip me before the queen arrives, or I'm dead. I want to hide the sheathe somewhere beneath us where I can grab it and use it at the right time. Wireless stuff is great, but if they find the stuff, the heat signature is all you will have. Thanks for these, guys. Cas, you ready to haul us? Cas will be ready to hold off the enemy at the front. I'm going in the front, but the rest enter the back entrance. Ruby is not going to mess with me. She wants this to happen to me. Stupid bitch still believes what Sam believes, that I'm weak and not able to do this anymore. Let's show them what we're made of. ”

L nodded. "Mello and I for certain. Near will be guiding us via headset. Matt will be doing the technical support."

“Okay, you are going into unknown territory. They are mourning but very hostile right now. One of the males is dead. We don't know how many are there. Take no unnecessary risks but use two machetes, if you can handle that. If not, then one and use both hands on it. Try for clean slices, get them down with one and you can go back for complete decapitation. If the slices are clean, you will have them down and unable to defend themselves. Don't do a second hit if you have them down. Go for the ones who are still mobile and remove them. Then we can finish it afterward It's not gonna be easy, if you've never killed. L, I know you did tonight, but Mello, don't think about it until it's over. Okay?”

The blond nodded, fastening the two sheathes to his belt. He checked his gun for ammo, pocketing spare clips to be safe.

L also fastened on the machetes, slipping on a pair of shoes with a look of distaste.

Near looked up. "Activate the microphones so an equipment test can be run."

I turned mine on before it went into the sheathe, and I doubt I'll hear the earphones, but I might get to them if I get through this with the queen. Okay. Can you hear me?”

Cas looked distastefully at the earphones and mike. “Do I really need these?”

Matt snickered. "If you want to look like a fool and miss the action, I guess not."

Near nodded, giving an okay signal. "Adequate. This should work."

“Okay, Cas, drop L and Mello at the back entrance and me at the front, and find your position out front and try nothing at first. Give me time to get in. They aren't expecting me, so I'm gonna be a treat. I just don't want any demons doing a shakedown and handing me over. They'll look for weapons. I'm Dean Winchester. To most of them, other then Ruby, I'm a force to be reckoned with. They know I'm armed. I have no idea what the hell Ruby is thinking other then a nice, slow, torturous death. Let's go”

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