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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 43

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

LOTR and Puzzles

Dean smiled his thanks and headed towards the elevator. He found his way back to the gardens. He stepped inside, looking for Near, remembering his panic the last time he'd found the boy here.

Near was in his usual crouch, though more careful, working a puzzle.

Dean walked up and looked down at what Near was doing on the table. He wasn't sure what the picture was supposed to be yet. He made sure that Near knew he was there before he spoke.

“Hi, Near. How're you feeling?”

"Near is improving. How is Dean?" There was a tea set, waiting for them with snacks. Near was sipping on a cup already.

Dean looked at the delicate teapot and was grateful that the cups were a regular size. His left hand had been rebandaged by Watari that morning and he could use his fingers some. He poured himself some tea and sat down.

“My wounds are healing up just fine. The bones will take longer and they hurt. It's good to see you doing better. What's the puzzle a picture of? Can't remember doing one, but I'd love to try, if you can use the help.”

"This is a redwood scene, Near believes. Watari purchased more puzzles for Near recently, and Near would find doing puzzles with Dean enjoyable."

Dean sat down and began to look at the pieces. Near already had the border done. Dean started looking for pieces for his part of the puzzle.

“I've seen the redwoods. They remind me of the Mallorn trees in Galadriel's woods in 'Lord of the Rings.' I think that was the Two Towers. They don't have the beautiful yellow flowers, but you can actually drive through one. They're huge. I use to imagine elves living in the tops of them.”

"Near has read the books but has not thought of such a place to be what Dean describes." There was a slight puzzled look on his face.

“It's using your imagination. You think in your mind how you see a place or a person in a book you read. You become part of it, and it becomes part of you. I saw Galadriel's Lothlorien as massive trees that the elves lived in. It's described that way. Not until I saw the redwoods did I really understand what I saw in my mind. Trees like that exist. It's really awesome.”

He picked the box up, looking quizzically at the picture on it."Near can see what Dean sees."

“Now see at the bottom of the trees? That's a man, Near. Think about the Mallorn trees, all silver with yellow flowers. The redwoods are red but they make you feel it.”

He nodded. Near did enjoy playing and could see what Dean was seeing. "Near would like this puzzle finished to see it in a wider view."

Dean enjoyed playing at times. It fed a need from his lost childhood. He smiled. “Yeah, me too. Let's do it. Maybe L can get some of that spray sealant for puzzles and we can frame it and hang it on your wall to remind you of the Mallorn trees.”

"Near had not thought of that."

“It would be a cool thing to do, and I bet L wouldn't mind.”

"Near will ask." He picked up another piece to work. "Dean can choose the next puzzle if Dean wishes."

In a couple of hours, the picture was finished, and both of them were standing looking down on a beautiful scene. Dean held his breath for a second, remembering how magnificent the trees had been. He would love to show them to Near sometime.

"This is very pretty," he commented, staring at the puzzle.

“It is, but it's nothing like really seeing it. The air is cool and crisp. You're not far from the Pacific ocean. It's mountainous there. The trees just keep going up and up and up. You can lay on your back and just stare up through the red wood and the greenery. The cones are huge. You can barely see the sky for trees. They seem to go up for ever.”

Near admired the picture. "Perhaps a trip can be made to see it one day." Though it was complicated given his own albinism.

“A vehicle with dark tinted windows that didn't let sunlight in but allowed you to see out, would be good. If you got in among the trees, and were dressed right, you could manage for a little while. Not real long but long to experience it.”

"Near would like that, Near thinks."

“It's the closest place I've ever come to Middle Earth. Now there are mountains in the Rockies that remind me of some parts of Middle Earth, but nothing like the redwoods.”

They worked on and finished two other puzzles, neither thinking about lunch, talking once in a while, but mostly being quiet together. It was starting to get dark, and Dean's shoulder was starting to hurt. He'd been leaning over in one position for hours. He looked at the stained windows and realized it must be late.

“Near, did you eat today? We need to think about doing something about that. Have you had your meds? Because I missed a noon dose. Wonder why Watari didn't hunt us down? Ah well, who cares. You gonna leave these like this and see if L will get the spray?”

Watari chuckled from the entryway. "I have a larger supper for you both and the spray. L found it would be easier to let you two stay relaxed."

“What do you have tonight, Watari, that you are going to teach me to like?” Dean grinned, but he looked in pain.

"I have a lasagna for you with salad and spinach," he answered. "As well as medication for you both."

“Lasagna? Really? Turkey sausage or ground turkey in it? Low fat cheese I know. Caesar? Thanks for the meds, Watari. I sat way too long in this position. I'm hurting. How did Sam's session go today? I hope it helped him. You said something about addiction.”

He nodded. "He's eating in his room for now.The session was exhausting."

“Near, have you ever seen the Lord of the Rings movies that Peter Jackson did? The extended versions are over 4 hours long and they were filmed in New Zealand which was perfect for Middle Earth. If L has them, we could watch them a little at a time and share them. If you'd like to. I have these sessions, and I'm rebuilding my relationship with Sam, my brother, but I'd love to do this also. Maybe we could pick one night a week and watch one?”

"Near has not. Near believe Matt and Mello would enjoy them as well." He knew the others wanted some fun time with Dean too and Dean could enjoy having the others around.

“I'd like that. I would love to invite Sam and give you a chance to know the real Sam but I don't know if you guys are ready. He can be a lot of fun too. I can understand if you don't want to yet. It won't upset me. Okay?”

"Near will ask Matt and Mello, L as well, to see if this is acceptable and plan for a night."

“If he agrees, and they do also, I'll mention it to Sam then. We could pull an all nighter and watch all three, if you and I are up to it.”

"Of course. Near will ask."

“That would be fun. I hope it's agreeable with everyone because I don't want to leave Sam out of something like that, but not if the boys can't play nice if he's there.”

Dean took his meds and settled to eat the lasagna and the Caesar's salad he so enjoyed. His only comment was, “hmmmm”

Near began eating his meal as well, occasionally taking bites as he focused on the robot toy he carried with him practically everywhere.

The hunter watched the teen and the robot, and wondered about it. He did not ask at the time because Near seemed enthralled in what he was doing. He let him do it and enjoyed his meal and the quiet contentment he felt.

Watari had given the boy a smaller serving, knowing the limits of Near's appetite. Of the group, he was the lighter eater.

After the meal finished, Watari sent the two to their rooms to rest.

Dean walked into his room and threw himself backwards onto the bed. He just lay there, his shoulder and right side hurting badly that night. The pain meds weren't cutting it tonight and he had no idea why.

The older man came by to check on him, having noticed the expression of pain. "Are you all right?"

“Hurt differently tonight for some reason and the pain meds aren't working. Scared to take any more. When these particular bones are damaged, do they do this sometimes? I read the clavicle and the collar bone can be problems for pain. If so, is this gonna happen often?”

"Probably because you were leaned over for so long. Near isn't complaining but is showing similar signs." He left for a moment, coming back in with a heating pad. The older man set it up on low heat, pressing it to the spot that was causing pain. "This should help."

The hunter winced when he was moved to settle the heating pad, but once the heat reached through the bandages, he sighed.

“Oh god that feels good. Thanks, Watari. Near gonna be all right?”

"He will be. Of the four, he tends to hide his pains a lot more so it's difficult to catch."

“So, I'm the barometer? If I hurt, he more then likely does too. I hope it helps.”

"In a way, though his injuries were a bit lower in the torso but yes, if you're uncomfortable, then he must be. His reactions are slow as well." That and Near had eaten less than normal earlier.

“He's not eating right, Watari. Now he's a kid, he's growing, and healing. We gotta make sure he eats more.” Dean hadn't even realized he'd included himself in those who saw to it the boy ate.

"It is not unusual for Near to eat such small amounts so I ensure he has small snacks to help as well."

“Okay. This is really helping, Watari. I'm gonna try to sleep. Thank you. Thanks for the free day. After yesterday, I really needed it. Will Sam be here for breakfast, or do you know?”

"Depends on how he feels. I will ask him," he smiled. "Sleep well now."

“Watari? What happened?”

"What goes on in his therapy is up to him to volunteer. Same with yours."

“I'm sorry. You're right. I just worry about him. I know...Mom/Dad syndrome, but he's my brother. Can't help it.”Dean smiled softly drifting off to sleep.

Watari shut the door behind him, letting the other rest.

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