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Monday, September 27, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 42

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Dean's morning

Dean woke early the next morning. Hearing Sam's steady breathing, carefully eased off the bed. He had no idea if anyone was up, but needed to walk a bit. He went to the restroom, and with a struggle, finally managed to open the door.

He headed to the elevators and picked the garden floor. Entering the humid room, he slowly walked, looking at trees and plants. He thought he was alone at first, until L wished him good morning. Dean froze and turned, seeing the detective in his usual crouch, on one of the chairs.

“Good morning,” Dean answered back.

"Dean is up earlier than I expected," he addressed the other.

“I wasn't planning on it, but I think I had some help sleeping last night.
“Watari's sneaky. I fell asleep too fast.”

L nodded. "He has learned to be when dealing with us," he gestured at the seat. "How are you feeling?"

Dean slowly arranged himself where he would be comfortable. “Physically, mentally, or emotionally? With you, I imagine emotionally?”

"Any of the above."

“Really? You want a full consensus for you notes, Doctor?” Dean smiled a little as he said it.

A tiny curve of the lips was accompanied with his answer. "Only wish to see how you are doing."

“Well, after all my exercise, emotional roller coasters, and some real mental twisting, I hurt like hell, I'm drained, and I'll be all right. Something came up last night that bothered me quite a bit. Not sure what to do with it yet.”

"Which is?"

“This is difficult. I can see what Sam meant to a point. Dad pretty much deserted us and Mom was dead. It was my job to take care of him. I got set in the that mindset. It was wrong. I know that , but you kinda don't stop being a parent. I can't make him see that. “

“In so many words, he told me last night that a parent wasn't what he had needed, but the big brother. He never mentioned it until a short time before I went to hell. That's when I taught him how to work on the car.”

“I just kinda got the feeling that he didn't like the fact that I had been that instead of someone to have fun with. He said he had to grow up sometime. He's right. I told him he'd have to do it now because I couldn't change the past. He jumped on that and wanted to just let it go and start from here.

“It's not that easy. A lot things changed and/or ruined my life because I was Mom and Dad when our father wouldn't do it. I love the idea of being big brother. It's just the thought that what I did do was not wanted. It hurt, L. It shouldn't have. I'm a big boy and I'm trying to not let things do that to me, but it did. He's excited abut this. \I don't want to hurt him.”

"You fall into the role of a parent because you are a person that can be termed big hearted. Look at how quickly you bonded with Near who, argumentably, can be termed as difficult to understand. You need to be open with Sam, tell him that you are afraid that you'll slip back into the prior role. Work a system so he can signal to you if you are and help you get back into the role you were born to play."

“Okay. I'll do it at breakfast. How is Near this morning.” Dean hoped the change of subject would not make L think he was steering away from him, but he knew he was. He was hopeful of no serious sessions but knew that becoming normal was the goal and it required the sessions. He really was concerned about Near.

"Almost back to his normal self, though he has been driving Mello to distraction."

“Mello? Distraction? What's going on?”

He gave a soft chuckle. "He is curious as to why Mello put the pillow under him or alerted us to his condition."

Dean laughed, “And Mello doesn't want him to know he cares.”

"Pretty much."

“In human comedy, that would be called 'Perfection.' It's priceless.”

"Near knows just how to annoy Mello without seeming to try and not be called on it. Matt is simply laughing himself sick watching them."

Dean grinned, “I bet he is.”

"Later today, Sam will be working on another project to further his work on addiction. I thought spending time in the garden with Near might help relax you."

“I'd like that. I enjoy times with Near. He's so innocent, but he can be so devious. He doesn't understand emotions, but he gives so freely from them.”

L nodded. "Yet he does not realize he is doing just that. He's a conundrum in his own right."

“I'm not gonna tell him he's doing that. It would worry him. Besides, if you see it with your eyes, you know it's real. He's real, conundrum and all. I like him like he is.”

Another nod. "It seems Watari is ready to bring your breakfast up. We can adjourn this and resume once you have eaten and showered."

Dean headed back downstairs to his room. Watari arrived at the same time. Sam opened the door, looking at Dean questioningly.

Watari smiled to himself, setting up their meal. "I shall be back in about half an hour to help you with the shower."

“Thank you, Sir. Oh! What new thing am I gonna learn to like today?” Sam, having heard it a couple of times already, realized it was a game between the two men.

"Omelet, fruit cup, and green tea."

“An omelet? What's in it? What kind of fruit? Why is the tea green?” Sam was smiling. Did Dean do this to the man every meal? Watari must be incredibly patient.

"It's a vegetarian omelet, which I think you will like. The fruit cup is berries today." Patiently, he explained what green tea was and why it was healthy.

“Thank you, Sir. No odd veggies in the omelet?”

"Things you will enjoy, I promise," he chuckled.

Dean sighed, “That's good. Thank you, Sir.” Sam wasn't used to hearing his brother call anyone 'Sir' quite like that. Not since Dad.”

Watari teased him. "You behave yourself and eat it, you'll have a surprise during your visit later."

Dean's eyes sparkled and he grinned, “Is there some reason why I wouldn't eat it? I look forward to the surprise, Watari.Thanks so much.”

"Actually, because you have no meat in this meal and I'm steadily trying to bring out the omnivore in you instead of the diehard carnivore," the teasing continued and Sam had to smother his laughter.

“Hey, I'm an omnivore! I eat veggies on cheeseburgers all the time,and I eat baked potatoes and french fries.”
Sam started laughing as Watari fixed him with a gimlet glare, which was obviously borderline laughing as well. "No, Dean, that is about as convincing as the whole cows eat grass argument."

“Does that one work? I eat eggs, and chickens eat corn.”

"No it doesn't work. Matt tried that argument with me. You will eat your vegetables, young man."

“Yes, Sir! I'd salute, Sir, but the arm won't go up.”

"Eat!" He was laughing now, eyes sparkling with merriment.

Dean picked up a fork, and cut off a large piece of omelet and rammed it in his mouth and smiled at the older man. The hazel eyes were definitely twinkling. Sam knew it wasn't bad manners this time. His brother was playing a game with the older man. It was good to see.

"Darn, I guess it means you liked it and I won't have to have someone feed you." The teasing was a lot of fun.

“That depends on what SHE looks like. I can easily not like it.”

"No females in the building," he informed him.

“Really? What do you do for fun?”

"Read," he answered, watching him closely.

Dean looked wicked for a few minutes.“What floorboard are the Busty Asian Beauties magazines hidden under?”

Sam nearly choked on his omelet at Watar's response. "None but I can point you to a nice thick edition of Conan-Doyle's Sherlock Holmes."

Sam did choke at his brother's response. “Fantastic! I'd like to borrow that. I started it when Sam went to Stanford. I got hurt bad on a hunt. I was laid up for eight weeks. I had a stack. Got a few read but Dad came back early. Didn't get to finish Doyle.”

At this point, both men realized the older hunter wasn't joking any longer.

"I'll get the copy for you," he smiled.

Dean nodded his thanks, his mouth full of omelet.

After Watari went to check on his other charges, Sam looked at his brother. "If I'd known, I'd have gotten you a copy."

“Sam, if I remember right, the few times I mentioned something in a book you looked at me like I was crazy. I remember once saying, 'Hey, I read.' You wouldn't have believed it, Sam. Besides, after I came and got you at Stanford, things were never quite right between us. We didn't talk a lot of personal stuff, and when we did we usually ended up fighting. You wouldn't have known cause I wouldn't have told you.”

"I'm sorry for that. Matt was right...I should've encouraged you to learn instead of putting you down."

“What the hell?”

Sam stared at his plate, quietly telling him about the conversation he'd had with Matt the day before.

“I ought to kick his ass, but he was trying to defend me so I can't. When exactly did you put me down for lack of education? Look, I'm what I am, Sam. Not much can be done about it. I have a GED, and I read when I get a chance. You're the college boy; the one with the brains. I inherited the looks.” Dean picked up his spoon and started eating the berries.

"We agreed you wouldn't put yourself down anymore, Dean, and you're not stupid. I laughed at you when you had questions instead of answering them. That's not what a good brother would do."

“In our family, it was, Sam. It was the norm to pick at me if I got serious about learning. You know that. Dad was the worst.You just learned from him. Okay. I'm not angry about it. That's just how it was. I just started playing the fool, making jokes cause it was easier to deal that way.”

"Still, I'm sorry for that."

“By the way, Nietzsche sucked.”

He grinned, "Agreed."

Dean was drinking is tea, waiting until Watari returned.


“It's not bad. I had no idea there were so many kinds of teas, though.”

Watari smiled. "I keep it varied for the boys, though I doubt most of them would even notice if I didn't. L drowns his most of the time."

“I enjoy a good meal. I just don't get them that often. I do notice things and I ask about them. I know we have fun with it, but I seriously want to know.”

"I'm also getting recipes together for you two. Simple ones that aren't too costly but will keep you both healthy. Samuel, why don't you go and get ready? I will meet you in half an hour or so. Dean, are you ready to clean up?"

“Yeah, I am. We wrapping me up?”

Watari was brandishing the saran wrap while Sam laughed and hurried out. "I'm going to take the bandages off though and we'll replace them when you get out."

“It's strange that they worked it out to have the whole thing bandaged and no cast”

"Surgeons are amazing people," he murmured, helping Dean out of the robe and began removing the old bandages. "The wounds seem to be healing rather well so far."

“How's Near's doing? I know it hit my shoulder, tore up a bunch of stuff in there before it went into him but the ricochet in him turned and went further down and that scared me.”
"He's moving stiffly and with some pain, which is to be expected given what he went through and his small size. We're keeping an eye on him though to make sure he heals properly. The new doctor is staying on call as well."

“ I'm glad to know that. Near scared me and he needs someone close by. L likes this new doctor? How long before he's on staff?”

"He's already on staff," he answered. "L seems to approve of him thus far."

Dean nodded and stood still as Watari wrapped him. He headed in to take a shower. He was in there for about 20 minutes, not wanting to stop, but finally got out and dried off, noticing his clothes were missing.

“Watari, my stuff's gone.”

"I have fresh for you. I had to find them," he laughed softly. A pair of underwear, pajama bottoms and clean robe were laid onto the counter.


Dean brushed his teeth and his hair, wishing his left was not banged up. He wanted a shave badly. He dressed in everything but the robe. Watari would be removing the plastic and rebandaging him and then helping him get the robe on over the bandages. He turned and headed back to the bedroom. He was glad the doctor was here for Near. In twelve weeks, he'd have the bandages removed, and start hunting again. He really did not care much for doctors. It was relief he was fine enough not to have to be bothered by one all the time.

Once he was out, Watari applied the ointment and fresh bandages to help keep the wounds clean and on the path to healing smoothly.

Dean smiled and thanked him. “You know the wounds are sore. I've had worse, but the clavicle and the shoulder blade aren't much fun. Thanks again for helping me. Am I supposed to go back up to the garden?”

"Second floor. L's waiting for you there."

“Okay....” Dean headed out the door which was open and towards the elevator hallway. He got in and managed to press 2. Stepping off the elevator, he turned to see what was around him.

The room was a softly lit library, and L was sitting on a comfortable chair with a book on his knees.

Dean looked around in awe. “Is this whole floor a library?” he asked softly.

"Yes it is. Feel free to make use of it anytime you wish."

Dean softly said, “Thank you.” He started browsing. L watched him out of the corner of his eye. Dean looked at books on automobile mechanics, books on firearms, mythology, and medicine. He turned and headed toward the fiction under the D's. He finally found the Doyle. There was a recliner in an alcove, and the hunter settled there with the Sherlock Holmes book.

L had intended on having a session this morning but had realized that Dean needed time to relax and recharge, which is why he'd chosen the library and then allow him time with Near.

L kept an eye on the hunter as he read. One thing surprised the detective. Dean seemed to turn the pages faster then most people with his education would do He wondered where the older brother had learned to speed read, and did Sam know?

"Dean, you did get your GED. Have you thought of a university?"

“Yeah, the winter after Sammy went to Stanford. I stayed put and took the classes. Wasn't hard. Dad had a fit about it, but I did it.” He was quiet after the response, but he wasn't reading. He was thinking.

"How about going back and completing?"

“Other then Dad who walked out on me, you're the only person I've said that to. Think about it a minute. No one, I mean no one has ever considered asking me that. I'm not college material, L. I'm a hunter. We don't make the kind money school requires.”

"You are college material, Dean. I've seen the scores from that school and your GED. There are grants and loans available to you as well."

“I'm too old for living on campus, L. I'd have to live. I don't think credit card scams would get me far if I stayed put. Then there's the question of what would I study? What the hell do I know other then cars and killing. If I graduated, I'd be 35-36 years old. There will be all of those in their 20s with more years to offer. I would have no experience. I can't see it. I mean. It's a great idea, but I just can't see it. Not me.”

He looked up from his book. "You have a habit of thinking defeat before the battle even begins. There are universities that offer online courses that can be taken at your leisure. Four year degrees and you have time before choosing a major."

“Seriously?” Dean looked L in the eyes, and realized the man was very serious. He sat up holding the Holmes book between his hands. “I want to be a mechanic and be able to do it. But I'd love to study automotive design....know how to create what I want. I can build it if I can design it. I have no idea where you go to do something like that.”

"I will find information for you," he answered softly. "But you must stop thinking defeat before the battle is even joined."

“I don't with everything, just personal stuff. It's never been about me ever. My thoughts are on what others should be able to do. I figure I'll be a hunter...won't live to old age. It's what I was taught. I think that is one thing that drove Sam to where he was. Not wanting to be fighting when he's old. I just never really thought of anything beyond this, L.. It never seems to end.”

"It will. Everything has an end."

Dean sighed. “If it's going to end, I'd like to live to see it. I really just want to open that business with Sam, rebuild damaged cars, do repairs, and design something spectacular. I'd like to have that degree, but I also need to go to school to work on the new cars, trucks, and diesels. It's a lot, I know.”

"Another adventure, just of a different sort," he answered softly.
“One that might actually bring happiness, you think?”

"Happiness is worked towards, fought for. It's not given."

“To have what I want is going to take a hell of a lot of time and work. Fighting for it? Yeah it'll take some fighting. Nothing worth having is given to you.”

"As long as you keep that in mind, you will succeed."

“I'd like that. Any way, can I borrow this book? What time do I get to see Near?”

"You may borrow it. Near will be waiting for you as soon as you are ready. I hope you enjoy puzzles."

“I'm sure I will. Where do I meet him?”

"The interior gardens," he gave a tiny smile.

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