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Friday, September 3, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 12

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Interludes for Dean

They finally came around the side of the cabin, to find five people waiting for them. Dean stiffened a little, not sure what would be said. They'd been gone a long, long time. He had no idea of how he looked, covered with dirt, muddy tear streaks down his face, and his eyes were blood shot.

They headed towards everyone. Castiel always keeping an eye on Dean could see his face before the others, and hoped that the older man had helped his charge. The hunter needed someone who could show compassion and love towards him.

Near came up to Dean, handing him a water bottle and clean cloth, which he'd retrieved after spotting the man's face.

Watari went to L, murmuring in the other's ear. The detective listened with a look of deep respect on his face.

Dean had a slight, trembling smile on his face when he took the water and the cloth from Near. He drank the water, gratefully, started to wipe his face. When he saw all the dirt, he realized how his face must have looked and turned blood red. He whispered a hoarse 'thank you' to Near, and gauged the others, knowing there'd be hell to pay from Mello. He straightened his shoulders, lifted his head high and headed towards the group with Near by his side.

"Thanks to your assistance, Dean, the computer systems are online and running at full efficiency. It is fortunate that we know how to pack under a serious time restraint." The detective had taken a bit of a pot shot at the angel for that.

“You're welcome, L. I've had to pack like that most of my life. It's why I don't have much. Cas is worse at time restraints then anyone I know. Aren't you, Cas?”

“I need to know if what I brought is sufficient or will I need to get more?”

“Well, let's see what you brought, Cas. I think we can gauge if we need anything else. I will take someone with me and get the rest. I need a drive.”

“No, Dean, you will not.”

“Cas, you sure as hell aren't stopping me. Free will, remember?”

Matt spoke up. "There's enough food to sustain you and Sam for a while but not for the dietary requirements of the rest of us. Trust me, you don't want L and Mello off of their usual diets. They get really really cranky." Mello pulled a face at Matt but didn't answer, knowing it was the truth.

Dean smiled, “Cas doesn't approve of what I eat, so I am sure Sammy will enjoy what he brought. We head to the nearest store. Got to be one around here somewhere. Cas?”

The angel stood stiff with a more disapproving face then usual. Dean, you need to eat correctly to be strong for future battles. This is going to be a difficult one. I understand what you are planning. I went and talked to Bobby. He explained it better to me. You are insane to do this.”

“The hell you did! Cas, I appreciate what you are thinking but I will do my job the best way I know how. I don't have Sam right now and he's always been my back up. I can trust these men to work with me and see to it I get out alive. Might take a little while to recover, but I will. If you happen to be around and feel like it, you can heal me.”

L answered strongly. "We will tend to him should he come to harm. Dean, Near will accompany you. Matt and Mello have assignments to complete and I have to finish a case while you are running this errand."

Dean was surprised by the strength in L's words. “Thank you for letting Near come with me. It's always fantastic to spend time with a good 'friend'” Dean made sure the word was stressed for Matt and Mello. “Come on, Near, we'll go get real food. Watari, I haven't been inside yet. My duffel's over by the Impala. Would you find a room for me and place it there? I don't mind sharing. Also, cleaning stuff? Is there a washer and dryer in there by any chance? We need dish soap and bath soap, toothpaste, anything like that?”

Mello spoke up. "He brought food and forgot those essentials. We have a bit, but more probably would come in handy."

Watari found the duffel and waved at Dean, indicating he'd take care of the request.

“I'll get plenty of everything. It's hard to imagine why this place has no owner. I might check on that after this hunt. We have no base of operations and I like this area a lot. I still want a vacation for a while. You're all welcome to stay as long as you like, especially if I can buy it. Also, it would be a nice base of operations here in the States where no one would know you. Just a thought.”

Dean and Near headed to the main road and took a right heading back towards the city. Dean figured there had to be a small town somewhere. There were killings in surrounding areas not far from the city. They'd hit a store in one of them and not go into the big town.

Near had one leg tucked to his chest in his usual sitting position. "Dean Winchester has given L something to think on in regards to a base."

“Good. I don't have anything, Near. I like it out there, but my job keeps me roaming a lot. The thought that , if I can buy it, that L might be able to use it, would be awesome.”

He nodded, hair brushing against pale skin. "It may come in handy. L travels a great deal for cases."

“I would want to add a pantry and a big deep freeze somewhere in there or maybe add a storage room on the back for that. Keep it well stocked. Lots of stuff can be frozen you know, flour, and stuff. Only perishables would have to be picked up at first.”

Another nod was given. "L could easily have that taken care of as well as ensuring the wiring and everything was up to acceptable standards."

“Yeah, with all the equipment, L would need to meet the standards to keep from having a meltdown and burning the place the ground.” Dean winced at that and grew silent, watching the scenery as they drove. After about 30 miles, they found a highway that had a sign for a small community. Dean turned left and headed the 20 miles. They soon found a family owned grocery store. The Impala pulled into the parking lot.

“Okay, the pickings are not going to be great, but it looks large enough to meet most of our needs. I'll grab a basket.”

Near hopped out, keeping in the shadows as best as he could. Given his albinism, he did not react well to sunshine at all. He waited for Dean at the doorway to the store.

Dean was frowning when he saw Near, and could have kicked himself. “Damn it, Near, you should have reminded me. I wasn't thinking. I could have dropped you off and then parked. I will pick you up here when we're done. I'm sorry.”

"Apologies are not needed, Dean. Near is used to it and has become quick in regards to getting out of sunlight when needed."

“Being used to it doesn't make it right. I'm your friend and you shouldn't have to be used to it around me. I'm sorry.”

"Apology accepted," he answered softly.

“Thank you. Now if I am in the middle of something and have my mind on it and don't remember, you remind me. Our walk must've hurt. Damn.”

"A little pink but nothing bad. The walk was under trees for part of it, which helped."

They ended up buying a couple of hundred dollars worth of groceries. Dean let Near have free reign on what everyone would eat. He paid for the groceries and loaded the back seat with the bags. He drove over to the store to get Near.

Most of what had been bought had been an outrageous amount of junk food, mostly sweets. Near slipped into the Impala after the car approached the entryway. The trip inside the store had been interesting, especially when the cashier had tried flirting with Dean and asking if Near was his son.

Dean's automatic response had been to smile a very charming smile and wink at her, saying “No, he's not my son, he's too old to be, but I wish he were .” He kept up a flirtatious conversation, but it remained light and impersonal and he steered away from later assignations.

Near looked at Dean when they were driving away from the store. "Did Dean Winchester mean what was said to the employee?"

Dean turned his head from the road to look at Near. His voice was serious, “I don't jest about things like that, Near. I meant it.”

His voice was almost too quiet to be heard. "Near thanks Dean for that."

Dean's arm went around Near's shoulders. His voice was still serious, “I meant it, Near. I'd like to be. I'd probably be bad at it, but I'll be there for you as much as I can. I'd like to see you have someone who will be a Dad to you. If you'll have me for that, even though I'm way to young, I'll do right by you. I know you live in the UK and I am on the road a lot, but there's phones, letters, and email. When you are over here, I'll move mountains to be here when you are. I really care about you. Okay? You actually called me Dean instead of with my last name. Thank you, Near. That means a lot to me.”

There was a shadow of a smile on his face, and the white haired teenager nodded. "Dean is welcome."

Dean grinned and ruffled the white hair. He turned on the tape deck and the music of AC/DC started playing, with the hunter beating the steering wheel and column as he sang, slightly off key to the songs.

Near was listening to the music with a slight frown. He hadn't been exposed to this style before.

Dean grinned at him and asked, “Don't like it? Please tell me you don't have the same taste as Sammy?” There was no derision in the tone of voice, just teasing.

"Near has never heard this before."

“Really? Look in the box for Metallica, and put it in.”

He found the box and began digging through it, pulling out the tape and ejecting the one they had been listening to. The new tape was put in.

'Nothing Else Matters' began to play, and Dean sang with it again, his hoarse voice raspy as he kept halfway in tune with the song.

Near found he liked that one and asked if they could listen to it again. Dean hit the rewind and the song began to play again.

He explained that, with rock and roll, people find certain songs they like and end up buying the music just for a certain song, but will find others that they like just as well.

He nodded, listening to the lyrics with rapt attention.

“It's a good song, Near.” Dean pulled onto the dirt road and headed towards the cabin. The sun was starting to set, and he wanted to get back and inside before it did.

"Near finds that Near likes this song," he answered back.

“Great! I think I have it downloaded on Sam's computer somewhere. If you want, I can send it to you?” Dean looked up and saw the cabin in the distance. Soon they pulled up and he blew the horn. “All right you sluggards, let's get this stuff hauled in.”

The hunter opened the rear door on the driver's side and grabbed two handfuls of bags and headed towards the porch.

Matt and Mello hopped out of the cabin to help haul the bags in, laughing softly when chocolate was discovered. Dean grinned, feeling comfortable with the other two for the first time.

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