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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 14

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

First Attempt on Dean

Dean sighed as he struggled to stand back up. His voice sounded weak, but there was determination in it.

“I know, L. I know. Dinner should be ready. Watari asked us to set a plate aside for him. We need to eat, and then the job of pinpointing the lair becomes a necessity. I got to be ready, cause Ruby has them on my scent now. When did Cas leave?”

"I'm not sure. But you will not be facing this alone."

Dean took a deep breath and headed towards the cabin, beside, L. “I know that and I've got to have you ready and not be surprised by what you come up against. Ruby's demons are not gonna want you following me into the lair. She wants me out of the way, badly. Sammy will never believe this, you know? He's gonna believe her over me. Do the boys know how to butcher a living creature that might look human? Can they do that?”

"They will be ready," was the flat answer. "We will not let her have your brother again."

Dean's voice was determined and there was an essence of the hunter he was in the tone of the words he spoke. “Tonight we pinpoint where it is, we make our plans. The demons will be around watching the area. They will know we have found it. Ruby doesn't have much of an opinion of me, okay. She believes Sam's idea that I'm a weakling, incapable of doing the job. We will use that as our advantage. She won't think I know they are there. That's all right. We are going to look for a second entrance. Creatures like this will not allow themselves to be trapped by one exit. You and I will find the main one which will be watched. The boys will find the rear exit. They are to pinpoint it and head back to the cabin. We do this at night. The creatures can smell us. That's why I go in first and the rest of you through the back way. They will not expect that. When she's dead, you are gonna have to get me out and none of them can escape. They can find another victim and another female will take her place. We can't allow that.”

They entered the kitchen and Dean began to set the table. “Would you let them know supper is ready? If they don't like it, they can have what they want, but don't tell them that. I would like them to at least give it a chance.”

L nodded, going to call the boys, who came in a few moments later.

Dean explained what everything was, and suggested they mix what they thought they would like in the chili. He set a bowl of the chili and a plate of condiments aside for Watari. He told the boys that there were drinks in the fridge. He stood back to wait til they all were at the table and then fixed his.

Near was having the worst time trying to decide which to get.

Dean got a large plate and put small amounts of chili all over it. “Mix a little of each in one and try combined bites til you find what you like, then get a bowl and mix it up.”

He nodded, trying Dean's suggestion.

Dean fixed a bowl with onion, cheese, ketchup and crackers, and joined the others. He had a bottled tea and was between Matt and Near.

After a short time, Near mixed his up and began nibbling. L had focused on the meal, eating studiously.

Dean slowly ate, watching the others, having a hard time figuring out whether or not they liked it. Once in a while, noises would come from Sam's room, and Dean would stiffen. He'd be still for a minute, then struggle to shake it off and continue eating.

Matt got up once to adjust the white noise machine before coming back to eat. "This is good, Dean. Thanks for cooking for us."

Dean smiled gratefully, and said, “You're welcome. I like cooking but don't get to do it very often. I'm glad you like it.” He sighed, glad he had not told them what meat was in it. Only Watari knew and Dean hated the thought that they might consider eating venison to be tantamount to eating 'Bambi'

The group ate well with Matt and Mello going back for seconds. Near finished almost half, which was a lot for him considering how little he ate most of the time.

Dean watched L's reaction to it. The man would probably notice more then anyone that is wasn't beef or pork, but venison could be mistaken for lamb easily. He watched his reaction. He was eating it which was something.

"This is good, Dean. Thank you for cooking for us this evening."

“You're welcome, L, and thank you.”

Dean got up to clean the kitchen. He put the leftovers in plastic containers he had bought that day. The boys and L watched him pick slices of the green stuff and eat it. None of them had tried the avocado. The hunter seemed to be enjoying it.

Near put his plate at the sink, helping a bit with clean up while Matt and Mello cleared the table.

Dean handed Near a very small bite of the avocado. “Here, take a small bite and try it. Never say no to something without at least giving it a taste. Okay?”

He nodded, trying the bite."It has an unusual texture but the flavor is good."

Tex Mex restaurants make a dish called guacamole from it, and most of them don't do it right. You should add garlic, lime juice and mayonnaise to have the good stuff. I like it just like this, though.”

"Near does not eat out at restaurants," he said, running water over the plates.

Dean stared thoughtfully at the young man and looked back at the others who had been listening intently to the conversation. He looked back at Near.

“The crowds? Too many people? Not liking to appear different and be stared at?”

"All of the above," came the soft answer.

“I can appreciate that, Near. Being uncomfortable around people affects all of us at one time or another. Maybe sometime, you and I could try it. Anything makes you uncomfortable I'll try to correct the problem for you. I always like a nice steak house, with big potatoes and a huge salad bar with everything on it. The rooms only have 4 or 5 tables in them and are dark, with just candles on the tables. Even the room the salad bar is in is kind of dark. No one would notice you. It would be the two of us and you could experience it without being uncomfortable. I'm not gonna push, but if you ever want to try it, let me know.”

He nodded. "It would make for a good experience. It is just that Near is not in public often."

The older Winchester nodded, and spoke softly, “Once this hunt is over, I'll find one and take you. It's my treat. According to our relationship, I want to do that. Okay?”

"Near would like that."

“So would I. I meant what I said today. I'm in earnest.”

A pleased expression crossed his face. "Then Near will plan for that with Dean."

Dean's expression was soft and he smiled the sweetest smile of contentment. “Good. I'll search the area on Sam's computer and find the nearest one. When the hunt and case are over, you and I are going.”

He nodded. "Or Near can check during a down time as well."

Dean nodded, “That works for me. Make sure you check out the ambiance. We need the atmosphere to be right, Near. Get me the phone numbers and I will call and personally question them to make sure the advertising is right. We'll go.”

Another nod was given. "Near shall do that."


The kitchen was cleaned up, and Dean sat on the floor in front of the coffee table, with a strong cup of coffee in front of him, putting all the sightings and spots where bodies were found into a grid like map of the surrounding areas. It was taking time to find coordinates for each spot. He was concentrating hard, keeping Sam's headphones on. He had music blaring to block out any noise or thoughts from coming into his mind other then music and coordinates on the grid. He kept feeling that he was being watched but figured it was his imagination.

Matt had gotten hooked into the security grid and was hacking a few other sites to get information for the group. L was buried in cases while Near and Mello were working on finding any information to help with this case as they could.

Dean tried shaking it off but couldn't. He knew he'd done everything he could to keep evil out, and the demons could not get near, but the creatures? He didn't know what else would stop them besides beheading them. He went into the kitchen to rinse out his cup when he thought he saw something amongst the trees, He grabbed a machete and his sawed off and slipped outside.

Mello, at a gesture from L, had armed himself as well and announced his presence before joining Dean.

Dean motioned for him to be quiet, and waved him to come join him. His voice was a low whisper, “Something is among the trees and it's within the safety grid I drew out and protected, so it's not a demon. Could be just a large animal, a human who shouldn't be here, or a creature. We got to be careful. We cover each other's back, you understand?” Mello, could see the worry in Dean's eyes.

The blond nodded, projecting a determined businesslike attitude.

Dean nodded and motioned two fingers for walking or moving and pointed to the tree barrier to the left that went around the entire back of the grid and around to the right. He pointed to himself and made the same motion to the right. They would meet in the middle. His mouth moved 'Do not go in deep for any reason.' He slowly disappeared to the right.

Mello nodded and then followed directions, not making a sound as he moved through the area.

Dean's hunting instincts kicked in, but in the back of his mind was Mello. The kid was good but he'd never been up against this kind of evil. Dean watched across the open area for movement to make sure the boy was all right. He moved with stealth, listening for any sound, concerned that there was no animal sounds. There wouldn't be many, but a coyote or a jack rabbit should be around. He heard nothing.

Suddenly, he saw something large and white move behind Mello, and knew there wasn't a lot of time. He shouted, "Get the hell out of there, Mello! Run!”
Dean took off across the opening to where L's trainee had been seen a moment before. He was positive the boy took off for the cabin staying within the woods.

He yelled again, “Mello, get help!” He ran parallel with the woods trying to lure the creature out, away from the boy. “Come On!,” he screamed. “I'm the one you want, not that boy. He's too scrawny to eat! I'm the one you made a deal for! We both know you understand me. You got brains, right? Think you're smarter then humans? Come on then!” Dean backed out into the opening, into the moonlight where he could be seen and he watched the area where he'd last seen Mello.

He heard Mello's scream when the thing hit from behind, there was a sting on the back of his neck, and he went down. L and the others joined Mello and saw the thing trying to pick the hunter up to carry him off.

L grabbed the weapons and went in pursuit, firing a round into the head. He would not let Dean be carried off.

A roar sounded as the rock salt splattered over the head but it shook it off and dropped the unconscious hunter and turned on L. Mello ran up and gave his leader a machete and stood with another one. Matt and Near came up with the blades also. The creature recognized the machetes and backed off leaning down to pick up the wounded man. All four leaped in to stop it, and watched it turn and run into the woods. The group went into pursuit, determined not to let their new friend come to harm.

The creature had reached the rocky trail when they caught up with it, noting that it was a male. They had it blocked on three sides. It dropped the wounded hunter onto the hard rocks on the trail and he landed face first, no sound coming from him.

The four young men made their way around the creature dressed in white. It looked human but had pale green skin, and had white hair. The creature had long claws, and L remembered the mention of acidic body fluids and wondered what had put Dean down so fast.

They soon had it surrounded, machetes at ready.

L was the first to move, aiming to injure it enough to get a clean shot at its neck to decapitate the thing.

The creature fell down on top of Dean, green ichor flowing from a wound on its neck but the artery on the side was severed. The head was still attached. The thought of acidic bodily fluids went through L's mind as the thing lay on the hunter with the green fluid flowing from its neck.

Near grabbed Mello and they pulled Dean out from under it, hoping they got to him fast enough.

Both boys heard L warn them about the fluids being able to burn and to be careful. They dragged the hunter further away from the creature and heard a loud dull thud. L removed the head.

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