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Friday, September 10, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 18

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.


Near passed on the message to L, who nodded and looked through Dean's cell to find Bobby's cell. The white haired teenager washed Dean's injuries before draining the water and putting fresh in to help him soak and warm up.

As L went through the numbers on Dean's cell, he found Near's and Watari's info. An eyebrow raised at seeing these. He found Bobby's name and looked at the numbers. FBI? He pressed call and waited. The phone picked up on the second ring.

“Damn it, Dean, you got no right to scare an old man like this. Not taking calls since I told you not no but hell no. We will try to figure out something, but you don't go in there. I can't lose you, boy.”

"This is not Dean. The operation went through but there were unforeseen events. The demon named Ruby showed up. Castiel, the angel is also injured. I can give you our location."

“Okay, let me get this straight. Who are you?”

"A detective that has been working with Dean on this case."

“You got a name, Detective? I'm Bobby Singer, and I'm the closest thing to family those boys have. Let me talk to Sam.”

"I go by many names but since Dean trusts you, I am L. Sam is currently indisposed. Dean is injured. One of my associates is helping him clean up."

The line was still for a moment. Bobby's voice was shaky, whether from shock, anger, or combination of the two, L wasn't sure.

“You hesitated. Sam is indisposed? What the hell has he done now? Dean is injured, well he knew he'd burn his crotch doing that. Means he won't be pleasuring any more women for a while, and it'll do him some good to think about what the hell he's doing. How did Cas get injured? He could heal Dean in an instant. You mentioned Ruby. I thought she was Sam's friend and helping them. I don't trust demons and neither does Dean. Now just explain to me all of this. I will be there in a couple of hours. Cas told me the way.”

"He is currently under treatment for addiction and is in the withdrawal phase. As far as the angel, he separated from the group. I can only surmise that he went against another group of creatures, possibly ones that the demon Ruby put together."

“Okay, what kind of addiction? Dean knew something was wrong. He kept telling me that Sam wasn't himself, but Sam was saying the same thing about Dean. Hell, the boy was ripped out of hell by an angel and told he's supposed to stop the the blasted apocalypse. I'd drink too, but what has Sam gotten into? If you are helping him, is anyone helping Dean with his by any chance? What the hell is Ruby upset about?”

"Actually, Watari has spoken to him on that subject from what I understand and is aiding him. As far as the substance Sam is addicted to, I think it would be best to wait until you are here so we can discuss this." He didn't want the man having an accident.

“How badly was the bodily fluids? How long is Dean going to be out of business? Did he get badly burned or mild like he hoped it would be? How were things made worse by Ruby?”

"It would be better to speak of this face to face. We're currently developing a plan to capture the demon and your input would be welcome."

“I'll be there sooner then I thought.” Bobby hung up.

L ended the call with a frown. This meeting with Dean's mentor would probably not go well.

Dean came too in the warm water, the pain having broken through the stupor he'd been in. His bottom lip was crusted with dried blood. He had no idea what part of him hurt the most. His feet felt burnt, his hands, arms, neck and chest . There were only a couple of small spots on his face that hurt. His crotch was on fire, but he expected it. What he had not counted on was his back. His memories of the time with Ruby made him ill. How could Sam? Killing the bitch wouldn't be enough. He opened his eyes and stared straight into gray ones.

“Near?” The bright light stung his eyes, so he closed them again. I'm hurting like hell.. Need to get out of this water. Can you get someone to help me stand up? Seems I burned the bottom of my feet.” The older Winchester brother tried to laugh it off, but the laugh ended in a soft sob.

"Dean does not have to be strong at this moment. Near is aware Dean is in pain. If Dean will wait a moment, Near will get L to help Dean out of the bathtub."

Near's calm voice, and affirmation that he knew what Dean was going through, comforted the hunter. No one had ever told him he didn't have to be strong because they knew where he was. He nodded softly and kept his eyes closed against the bright light. “Okay,” he whispered. He heard Near get up to leave. “Near? Thank you.”

"Such a thing is not necessary, Dean. Near will be right back." He slipped out to get L.

Dean halfway dozed in the tub again, the pain and exhaustion from what he'd done making it hard to stay awake. He knew he'd have to face the memories. Watari said no more hiding things inside. Right now, he couldn't focus on it. The queen had been disgusting but Ruby had been humiliating. She had him now, Any time they faced off, she'd have this over him. Hell, what if Sammy went back to her? He shook it off, trying to concentrate on the victory they had tonight. He heard the door open, kept his eyes closed in the bright light, hoping they'd take him somewhere quiet and dark. He wanted to hurt in private, if he had to hurt. “L? I”m a dead weight, man.”

"That is to be expected. The first aid kit is ready. Are you ready to get out of the water?" L had noticed the closed eyes and would make sure to keep things dim for the other.

“I'm ready, L. The water felt good, although it stung, but the drug they gave me is gone, and it's hurting like hell, man. I expected pain, but not everywhere. Things didn't go like they were supposed to. How bad is Cas? He'll heal on his own. Angels can do that, but he can't help me right now, so I got to deal. I'm so tired.”

The hunter looked into the detective's eyes, and he squinted badly and squeezed his eyes shut again.

"He's taken some damage. I anticipate he should be back on his feet before tomorrow, depending on how much energy he's lost." Carefully, the detective picked up the hunter and carried him into a dimly lit room.

Dean felt the coolness of a darker room and opened his eyes. Where are we?”

"A bedroom," he answered, then gently set him down on the bed. For someone who looked so scrawny, L was definitely stronger than anticipated. The first aid kit was opened and the dark haired male began taking care of the injuries.

L tended bad burns, the whip lashes, rips where the queen had bitten the man, and claw marks from the quills. He shook his head, applying medicines and bandages.

The detective could feel the hazel eyes watching him in the dim light of the room. He could hear a sudden hiss, slight moan or groan, and once in a while,a light sob, but the hunter took the treatment of his wounds in quiet. If L looked, he would have seen the bloodied lip, and tears on the face, but very little sound was heard.

L made no mention of the tears or soft sounds and simply focused on his task. Eventually, every wound was treated and bandaged. "You need to rest. Shall I have one of the boys come and sit with you?"

“Do I need someone, L?”

"That is why I asked? You have gone through a traumatic experience. It would make sense if you did not wish to be alone."

Dean thought about it. Only Sam or Bobby had ever done that. Cas once, he thought. No one had ever thought to ask him if he needed someone. He took a deep breath, and softly said, “Yes, L. Thank you.”

Dean struggled to find a position that did not hurt and decided there was no such thing. He closed his eyes, determined to sleep.

The other nodded and slipped out. A few moments later, Mello came in and took a seat on a chair, curling up with a book. Near was working with Matt on something, and the blond had volunteered to take this position.

Dean dozed, falling in and out of a nightmare riddled sleep, but other then a few muttered words or soft cries, he was quiet.

The others were working steadily when an old truck pulled up to the cabin. Bobby Singer walked up to the door, carrying two shotguns He knocked and said, "Anyone home?

The door was opened and a red haired teenager wearing goggles stared at him for a long moment. "You are?"

“I'm the son of a bitch who will be kicking Winchester asses once those damn boys are well enough to be kicked! You?”

"Matt. You must be Bobby Singer. L said you were coming. Come in."

Bobby, looking like his scraggly old self, but with red rimmed eyes, and a look of total exhaustion, stared around the room. “Well?”

Near was sitting on the floor in his usual position. One hand was constructing a dice tower while he was typing one handed into the laptop in front of him. L was perched in his seat, sucker in his mouth as he frowned at the display. Dark eyes looked up. "Bobby Singer?"

“Yeah, that's me. You L?”

He nodded, then pointed at a chair with the lollipop. "Sit please."

Bobby sat in the offered chair, laying the shotguns next it. “Okay, I've been traveling nonstop from South Dakota since I talked to Dean. I found out just how fast that truck can go and how fast gas can burn at those speeds. What the hell is going on? You don't look like the types who fight monsters, so how did Sam and Dean get you mixed up in this? Second how was Sam paying for drugs? Dean runs credit card scams to keep them alive and in business. Third, what the hell happened to make Dean do this so fast and how bad is he, cause I'm gathering it's worse then a little salt pitre.”

"First off, can you tell Matt and Mello how to handle a salt and burn? While they deal with that, I can give you the information you require. The corpses we left behind need to be dealt with and quickly."

“It wasn't done? Okay, gather the bodies and pour salt all over them. Pour gasoline, lots of it on them, light 'em up, let them burn til nothing's left. Why didn't Dean see to this?”

Near answered in a monotone "Dean has taken a great deal of damage and could not be expected to handle this. Near will go with Matt and see this done as Mello is with Dean now." Matt nodded, saying he'd go with the other.

The gruff voice cracked, “How much is a great deal of damage? How bad is the boy hurt?” L could see the hands turning white as the man gripped the arms of the chair.

L listed the injuries and what was done to treat them as the two teens hurried to take care of the task.

“The queen's blood must have splashed and spread like wild fire for him to be that badly burned, but lacerations?”

"Ruby showed up and decided to try out the other brother."

“Try out? He let her? Dean hates demons and this one has been at the top of his list for a long time. Why would he willingly have sex with her. He was there to do it with the queen. The queen would be upset at him doing that.”

The detective shared everything he knew in regards to Ruby having been in contact with the queen, the potion, and the interactions they had heard over the communications units.

“Oh, hell, this ain't good. That boy has enough emotional problems without drug induced rape by the demon his brother is messing with. The way Sam's been lately, he'll blame his brother for it.” Bobby sighed, leaning his head into one hand. He was still for a moment and looked up at L.

“What is Sam addicted to? How the hell is he raising the money to get it?”

"He doesn't need money for what he is addicted to. We got the information direct from his supplier. It's demon blood." He stared at the candy for a moment.

"Watari and I both have experience in psychology and can assist both of them through this. However, there are things going on that need dealing with. The first, I am working with the angel in regards to trying to determine the whole issue about the possible apocalypse. I have no religious affiliations but know that humans are not supposed to be involved. The determination of the angels to involve them troubles me. Second, Ruby must be dealt with."
“Demon blood? Sam is an intelligent man. Why the hell would he? How could he? Damn! Dean knows this? You can help them? I have no idea if they will even tell you one-half of their problems. I can tell you this. Ninety percent of it is 'Daddy.' I wish Mary had never died. I wish Missouri had had one iota of a real idea that though Sam needed her compassion, it was Dean who was hurting the worse. Missouri was picking up on Mary's spirit's horror that she had allowed that demon in to put blood in the Sam's mouth as a baby. John Winchester should have let Pastor Jim or me have those boys. Hell, Ellen would've raised them at the Roadhouse. Anything but what he did to them. If you can get it out of them, then help them. Ruby needs to die.”

He held a hand up to stop the other man's sudden monologue. "He is intelligent but like all humans, he was vulnerable when this began. I can only surmise that Ruby preyed upon that weakness while Dean was dead. Dean has his own issues which will be dealt with. What's past is past. Watari and I can only help them deal with the past and give them life skills to work on."

“That is all I would ask. I'm killing Ruby. She is using a dead body so there are no issues of a soul in there somewhere.”

"Only after I gain information from her first. I need to know why the demons are so interested in the brothers."

“They don't want Dean anymore. He broke the first seal in hell, and that's what they needed, but they don't know this supposedly new prophecy about him. They'd want him dead if they did. It's Sam I'm concerned about with the demons. Dean, now? It's the angels I'm worried about. This is crazy.”

"I will get to the bottom of this."

“I hope you do. Those boys are my life. I love both of them, but Dean, well, he's had so little. What he had he gave to Sam. He always did. John was an asshole, but he did what he thought he had to do. His fights with Sam and other little things proves how much he loved him, but Dean, he trusted Dean to a point, made him grow up at age 4. Not right. I guess they are both sleeping, hopefully?”

"Mello is with Dean so Dean would not have to be alone. Watari is with Sam now. We had to activate a white noise machine to drown out the screams earlier as they were causing issues with Dean."

“I hope not more bad issues. Just screams and not verbal attacks. Sam's done that a lot lately, but I'm beginning to understand why the boy is doing it. Demon blood and Ruby, along with Dean's death. Thank you for helping them. I'd like to stay til they are at least on the mend, then I'll head back. I would like to know how they dragged you into this.”

"You may be needed for the process, I don't know. To be honest, I have no idea what we will uncover during this." He sipped at his tea, eyes flashing to the clock.
"Tell me what you want from me, and I'll help in any way." Bobby noticed the glance at the clock." It takes time to do a salt and burn, depending on how far they had to go. If you know the way, we can check on them?"

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