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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 56

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Prank Aftermaths

Morning came early for the hunter. He woke, not feeling rested, but got up, and headed out to find L. The seventh floor and the big room was his destination.

He was moving slower than usual, exhaustion still dragging him down, but with typical Dean stubbornness, no one was going to know.

L was in his usual crouch, nibbling on a donut as he typed one handedly on his computer.

Dean stood watching him for a moment. “L, I've come to apologize, and, um, ask how I can work off paying to take care of Matt's stuff. I want to pay for it.”

"Apology accepted though unnecessary. The boys rarely have someone who can prank them back. Matt was able to salvage the equipment. However, if you feel that some sort of reparation needs to be made, perhaps imparting some of your knowledge to them for future cases would be a good trade off."

The hunter nodded, sad down on a chair and exhaled softly. “Yeah, I can do that. I'd like to. Would you mind Sam being involved? There's stuff he does better. Computer stuff, some research. I'm as good at book research as he is, but he's faster on the PC.”

L nodded. "He may learn a few things from Matt about computer research so I do not mind. The boys are enjoying having the company of your family here. It can be a bit slow for three teenagers at times, no matter how mature they are."

It's been helpful for us. Sam and I needed this. Thank you. As for the boys, I've enjoyed every minute of it, and I think Sam has too.”

Another nod was given. "So it is a good trade off."

“I think I'm getting the better end of the deal, but yeah.”

"Good. Watari should be bringing breakfast to you soon."

A slight sigh of weariness slipped past the hunter's guard. “I guess I had better get back down there. Thanks, L.” He rose quicker then usual and walked at a fast pace as he left the room, making up for the mistake of the sigh. By the time he reached the elevator, he was tired. “Damn,” he muttered under his breath. He reached his room and entered.

The older man was waiting for him.

Dean had expected to beat Watari to his room and did not see him at first. He slipped in and shut the door, leaning against it, his eyes closed.

"Dean, why did you wake so early?"

Jumping a foot, the hunter hissed when he moved the shoulder the wrong way. He must've bruised it when he fell last night, was his thought.

“You scared me. I didn't see you. I slept, it wasn't a very deep sleep though. Bad dreams, hurting some, concerned about Matt and Mello. Bad night is all.”

"After breakfast, you should try to rest," he murmured, pouring the tea for Dean.

“I'm not even hungry, to be honest.” He smiled a soft smile that reached his eyes. “What new food am I going to like today, Watari?” It wasn't his usual, almost boisterous question, but he was trying.

"I had a feeling you'd be in pain today, so I kept it light. Toast, fruit, and some bacon."

The same soft smile was on his face, but his eyes were moist. “I'm going to miss you, Watari, when we have to leave. No one has ever really taken care of me since Mom died. Well, Bobby did, but that was when I was 4. Not since I was old enough to be a hunter. Thank you."

"I'm certain our paths will cross, and your computer has my email address saved in the program."

“Good. I'd hate to not be able to come to you if I need someone to talk to, or if I can't remember a certain food you said I should eat.” Dean picked up a slice of toast and some bacon. He slowly chewed, trying to keep his eyes open.

Watari smiled. "This will be a good way to keep in touch, I'm sure."

Dean was really struggling to keep his eyes open. He looked at Watari. He knew he hadn't been sleeping good. He was usually able to stay awake when needed. The exhausted man wanted to ask the older one if he'd slipped him one of those pills that had helped him before. He didn't know how to ask without offending him and he wouldn't do that. It was getting difficult to keep his eyes open.

Watari shook his head, helping the man to bed once he'd finished eating. "No, I didn't slip anything into your food," he murmured, knowing the other was confused about the sudden exhaustion. "Your body is reacting to all the demands being placed on it. Rest now."

The young man stared at Watari. “How did you? I don't” He couldn't finish the sentences, his mind was not working right. He murmured “thank you” as he dozed off

The older man tucked him in, then removed the remains of breakfast and left him to sleep.

In that twilight between being awake and sleeping, Dean felt the other man tuck him in, and felt content and peace envelope him. It felt like Mom and home.

The group let him rest, knowing that sleep was the best medicine the man needed right then.

Dean slept the day away, waking up towards seven in the evening. He moved carefully, feeling muscle pain but his shoulder did not seem to have suffered any other damage. He leaned over and turned on the table lamp. He went to the restroom, and climbed back into the bed, reaching for his book. He did not feel hungry, so he just read.

Near tapped on the door.

“Come in.”

The white haired male came in bearing a small plate and a can of soda carefully balanced. "Near has brought Dean something to eat."

Dean looked up, happy to see the young man. “Thanks, Near. What'd ya bring?”

"Sandwich, fruit, and a drink. Dean requires sustenance to heal and take medication."

“I guess I do. Dean sat up more and took the plate while Near set the drink on the bedside table. “I thought I'd stay put this evening. Read a little and than more sleep. Lazy in a way, but I've never done it before.”

Near nodded. "Rest is the best medicine for healing."

“Are you resting enough?”

"The others have been seeing to it."

“Good to know. I worry about you.”

"Dean should not. Dean has plenty more to worry about in regards to Dean's own health." He slipped into a chair near the other's bed, one leg pulled close to his chest.

“In what way is mine plenty more?”

"L has said that Dean will be working to kill a demon once Dean's health has returned. Plus training those chosen to back Dean up during this hunt. Near does not know how well Dean has progressed in regards to the work with L and Watari but knows that some things can take time."

“Sam is going to help me with the training. The shoulder just takes time. I hope to lay out training plans this week with Sam and then present them to L. I hope you will train too. I know the physical is not possible right now, but you can watch that. There's other things it would be good for you to know.”

"Dean believes this?"

“That you should learn these things? Yes, of course I do. Demons can go anywhere.There's other evil you need to know about. I'm gonna teach all of you.”

"Near is being trained as a are Matt and Mello. Does Dean believe these things will cross Near's path again?”

“To be the best in any field, you look at every advantage and disadvantage, Near. They know you're out there now,and they know you helped me. Yeah, they could show up again, or something equally as bad, if not worse. It never hurts to be prepared. Just in case.”

He slowly nodded, thinking over what Dean was saying. "L has said that if Dean felt up to it, the lessons were to start tomorrow."

Dean nodded. “If you see Sam, would you ask him to come see me when he has time? Tell him to bring his computer.”

"Near will do this." He rose to his feet, taking that as a dismissal.

“You don't have to leave, Near. That request was for when you leave, not this moment. We haven't had a chance to talk in a while. How are you feeling?”

The white haired teen sank back down, resuming his usual position. "Near is improving. How is Dean?"

“I was doing much better til last night. Ah well, I learned that when you're hurt, be more careful. I'm waiting to see what Mello talks Sam into helping him do. L says it is a prank war. My shoulder didn't seem to suffer from it, but I hurt all over, and it did ache. I'm still exhausted. I need to start training again. I've gotten out of shape.”

"L said physical training with the chosen ones would begin once Dean was in better health."

“Sam will start the basic stuff, and I will take over later.”

He nodded. "Which ones will Dean take?"

“The ones who can do the job. The others will handle the attack from base, like before. It may not be that they aren't capable but are more needed here. Like you and Matt were.”

The small teenager shook his head. "So Mello then."

“If Mello can do the book learning as well as the physical, then he will definitely. Sam will be monitoring from here, because he can't go. I would like more than Mello. We'll see.”

Near's voice was soft. "There are good reasons Matt and Mello are here with Near. Near believes Dean will be surprised by the results of the book work."

“It has to become second nature for protection. It's got to be something when you see it, you think I know that. You remember and you do what needs to be done. I'm always remembering stuff I've read somewhere, or Sam will. We work together. It's a team effort.”

The response was once again soft. "Most view detectives as those searching for wealth and glory. But it is a job of sacrifice to protect the others as well. It is one reason L insisted that each of L's heirs are trained to defend themselves."

“I know you are all well trained. All I'm gonna do is finesse it to fit certain creatures.”

"Near will not be at full strength by the time Dean is ready to go. If Dean will allow, Near can assist with research and guidance from a central location."

“I'd feel better knowing I had you and Sam there watching over us. You know the set up and stuff better, but he knows better then anyone, what we're after.”

Near nodded. "Near will operate at the highest level of efficiency to assist the team."

“I haven't told this to anyone, Near. When I was in the queen's chamber with Ruby and that thing, I was scared, but I knew you had my back on that system you and Matt had set up. I wasn't completely alone. It made me feel better knowing it. You kept me sane.”

Gray eyes lightened a bit. "Near is pleased to hear that."

“It's the truth.”

He nodded.

Dean laid back on the pillows and stared at the younger man. “I've never been one for chick flick moments, Near, but I've learned a lot lately. One thing I know is that there are five people in the world who mean everything to me,...who I'd die for....Sam, you, Bobby, Ellen, and Jo. That's it. Cas, maybe, but he can take care of himself so I've never really added him. Now, I care about L, Mello, Matt, and Watari, and I would do the same for them. But you five, I really consider family. They are best friends.”

Near's voice was quiet. "Near believes that the others would say the same. Near has never been considered family before." L probably viewed the trio as little brothers or sons but had never said anything..not that he needed to. The way he made sure they were safe and taken care of emphasized in their minds that he did care.

“You're mine, Near. Come to think of it, I'd have to add Watari to the family list. I feel like we've gone beyond friends.”

"Watari does have that grandfatherly appeal, Near has noticed."

“Yes,” the hunter replied. “He's done things for me that no one has ever done. Not just taking care of me either. He helped me face myself. L did too, don't get me wrong, but Watari does it in a different way that touched me.”

He nodded, fingers playing with his hair. "L is as unused to people as Near is, though L is able to interact better."

“I never saw a problem between us, Near. You and I interact just fine.”

"Dean is different from other people."

“I know I have very little manners, I can be really goofy and stupid, and I can get very bossy. It's been embarrassing for Dad and Sam a lot of times in the past.”

The teenager shook his head. "When Near is among other people, Near is stared at as if Near is a member of 'freak' show. Near knows that Near is unusual. Dean has never treated Near that way."

“Near, I've spent my whole life dealing with the strange and unusual. I have a brother addicted to demon blood. I've been to hell. You are the most normal person I've ever known. I never saw you as a freak or unusual. You're shy. You can't be outside but there are others with that condition. You have a super intelligence, but I'm used to Sam, and he can't compare to you. Difference is you will talk to me about things and explain them. Sam never used to do that. You don't think I'm stupid. I know Sam doesn't but he used to treat me like I was. That's not happening any more and I'm grateful.”

"There are no stupid people, only ignorant ones."

“Yeah, well....I'm probably one of the most ignorant there is. I do enjoy being a kid once in a while. I know it has upset Sam in the past. I can't help that. I am who I am. Sometimes, I just be what I never got to be.”

"And the time is now," he answered. "Dean is not one of the most ignorant. Near has seen worse. Sam Winchester did a grave disservice to Dean by not sharing the knowledge Sam Winchester has learned. Near hopes that Sam Winchester will learn from this and help Dean."

“That would be nice, Near. Dean sighed. “I'm not gonna ask him. Sam has a lot on his plate right now. He offered to help me with my core math classes when I start school, and that was really nice of him because he plans to go back too. I don't really expect him to even think about teaching me anything else. We got enough to deal with without him thinking about that. Matt made him feel guilty, but we have so much to deal with right now, it makes that a very small thing. No, I won't bring it up. I'll figure this out on my own. If I can't, then I'll ask.”

"Matt is good at guilt trips," he responded. "And offering to assist with maths is a start."

“It's a big start, Near, and that's why I'm not asking for more from him. It wouldn't be right with all we're dealing with right now.”

"Dean must not be afraid to ask for more help though. Sam Winchester cannot provide assistance if help is not asked for."

“Right now, there is so much on the computer I want to learn but L gave me that laptop and Matt taught me quit a bit but I haven't even showed it to Sam. It's password protected with a special thumb print id on it. That's hidden on it. I'd like Sam to teach me but I'm not sure how L would feel about him even being around it when it's up and running. There's stuff on it that Sam is not supposed see, or there will be. I'm keeping a journal on it. I can't ask him, can I?”

A tiny half smile showed. "Dean can ask Matt, Mello, or Near. Matt programmed the computer to allow for instant messaging. If Dean has a question and Near, Mello or Matt is on, Dean can ask."

“Really? What the hell is My Space?”

Near nodded. "My space is a site that allows for people to interact with one another. The user can decorate it to his or her taste, photographs, music, and the like."

Dean's eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. “That girl gave me her My Space page address and he didn't tell me what it was? Now why would he do that?”

"Near does not know."

“That doesn't make sense. She was cute, too.” Dean shook his head. Where would be a good start to learn the computer, Near? Word processing or something simpler?”

Near was quiet for a moment. "General applications. How to maintain it and work from there. Matt does most of the maintenance if the systems go sour but L, Near, Mello, and Watari are fully capable of taking care of the computers as well."

“Sam's gonna see me with the computer at some point. As long as he is just answering questions or showing me something, would it be wrong? I mean, if I need to know something, and he's there, how do I tell him no?”

"Keep the documents under a folder where Sam Winchester cannot find it. Near is certain that the contents are encrypted anyway so even if Sam were able to log on, Sam would not be able to open the files."

“Yeah, I can do that. I'd like to be able to ask Sam for help. It's something he might be willing to teach me. I'll go for deeper stuff from you guys. Sam won't go deep, because he'll think I need to learn little by little. Unless, he honestly believes that I can do it, now. Have to see about that one, won't we?”

Near nodded. "Indeed."

Dean was yawning, as he lay back against the pillows of his bed. “Near, you won't forget to tell Sam I need to talk to him about the training if it's gonna start tomorrow? I have no idea if he'll want to talk tonight or if he'll want to wait until morning. I thought I ought to research a little to tonight because we're starting in the classroom. Is there anything in particular that you want to learn?”

"Near is unsure, honestly.This is completely new. Would Dean like to speak to Sam Winchester now?"

“I need to talk to him fairly soon, but I don't want you to feel that you have to leave. I enjoy being around you.”

"Dean is showing signs of exhaustion. So the conversation with Sam Winchester must take place soon before Dean sleeps."

“Since all this crap happened, exhaustion is all I seem to show signs of lately. I'm sorry, Near. I don't know what to do to stop it. Do You?”

"The body demands rest as part of the healing process," he answered softly. "Even Near has been resting more."

“Yeah, well, mine is not getting the rest it should, I guess. I don't deal with opening up to things very well. The prank didn't help much. I don't know how to just be still. I've always had to be doing, taking care of things. I'm not used to people caring enough to take of me. It's not a concept I'm used to.”

"Learning meditation may assist in that."

“I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm really not the meditating type, Near. My mind is constantly going from one thing to another. It's had to with my job.”

"Which causes burn out fast," he pointed out.

“What the hell am I supposed to meditate on? I don't even understand that stuff? That type of concentration is exhausting too, Near.”

"If Dean were to take twenty minutes before bed to simply clear the mind, let it rest before allowing the body to rest, it would enable Dean to sleep better. Meditation does not have to be on a certain subject."

“Simply clear my mind? Really? It's simple to do that, because I don't know that my mind would understand the concept of clear?”

The white haired teen was quiet for a moment. "Near will let Sam Winchester know that Dean needs Sam Winchester. After the conversation is finished, Near will return and show Dean how to do this."

“I'll try, Near, but I've got this mantra that goes through my head at all hours. It's something important I have to keep reminding myself. If I can get past that, maybe? I don't know, but I'll try.”

"It is not a matter of trying but simply doing. Near will go and fetch Sam Winchester." He slipped to his feet and left, going to find Sam.

The teen did not look back or he would have seen the look of utter confusion on the hunter's face.

The small teen approached Sam, who was reading over a book in a room with Mello and Matt.
Sam looked up from his book and smiled. “Do you need something, Near?”

"Dean has asked if Sam Winchester would meet with Dean to discuss tomorrow."

Sam told Near thank you. Putting a piece of paper in the book to save his place, he rose and headed towards the door.

Near went to retrieve a few items to help with Dean's meditation later once the conversation was finished.

Dean was running the conversation with Near through his mind, trying to figure how one simply cleared one's mind. He didn't think it was possible, but if it was, he wanted to learn how. Anything to get thoughts out of his mind so he could sleep better. Waiting until he dropped was not working any more. He was so exhausted.

Sam came to the door, tapping lightly on it.

“Come in.”

The younger brother entered with a smile. "Hey, Near said you wanted to see me?"

“Yeah, we're supposed to start teaching the trio how to be hunters, or at least the basics. Not just Lilith. Classes start tomorrow, by the way. Thought we ought to discuss it. I have no problem with teaching them head knowledge, but I can't do the rough and tumble stuff right now. You up to that? Where the hell do we start?”

"Start with the basics.The types of creatures out there, methods of killing, disposal, things like that."

“I can start with some of them. Basic ones you see a lot of, but there's too many to do in one sitting. I made those notes on Dad's stuff. I'll use it. We show the physical for whatever is needed I guess. Some are spells, some are physical, like a vampire. Others, it's the right weapon. You gonna stick with me and put your two cents worth in, aren't you?”

"If you want me to. Probably wouldn't hurt with the Latin things either..sigils as well but later down the road. I can print up a lot of the stuff they copied from Dad's journal as well as stuff from the database they made from Bobby's library."

“That's a good idea, Sam. Yeah, I want you there. This is both of us teaching them. We work as a team, remember? Besides, you're better at Latin then I am. I can do it, but memorize it? No.”

"That's 'cause it's all a mouthful, seriously. Ok, so introduction to monsters and killing methods first?"

“Yeah, I think so. We'll go more in depth with them. I can give histories and legends and such also. Little at a time. Don't want to cram to much all of a sudden. Want to help them know what to look for and why? You know as well as I do that knowing why can be important. That's why we learn the histories and legends.”

"Good idea."

“That's what we'll start with tomorrow then. Sam, have a good night's sleep. I'll see you tomorrow.”

"Sounds good. I'll have it ready to go. Sleep well, Dean."

“Thanks, Sammy. Good night.” Dean sighed as the door shut behind his brother. He'd almost asked for help in learning stuff, but backed down at the last minute.

There was another tap on the door a few moments later.

“Come in.”

Near entered carrying a small bag. "Dean is ready to begin?"

Dean looked more tired then before, but he smiled. “Yeah, Near. Work your mojo on me 'cause I damn well need it tonight.”

"Near will not be working 'mojo' but simply teaching a skill Dean needs." He set up a small cd player clumsily as he only had one hand. A cd was popped in as well as a small scented candle lit. "Dean must listen to the sounds and focus on that and only that. Allow no thoughts..just listen."

Dean stared at the teen. “That's all I have to do? For how long? When will I know if it worked or not?”

"Dean will feel at peace, no thoughts. Dean will know if it worked."

Hazel eyes stared into gray ones. He swallowed hard, then nodded. “Okay.”

"This is nothing to fear. Near will do this with Dean if it will enable Dean to relax."

Dean smiled. “I'm not scared, Near. Just hoping I can get the thoughts out of my head. You're burning a candle. Do the lights need to be off? I don't have problem with that. Just need to know whether that's part of it or not.”

"Near has done it with lights on. As tired as Dean is, lights should remain on. This is not to get Dean to sleep but to help prepare for sleep. The scent of the candle is helpful for this." He turned the cd player on and the soft sound of ocean waves filled the room.

Dean sighed softly listening to the waves. He closed his eyes, listening intently to the sounds, breathing in the soft scent of the candle. Slowly, the sounds of the waves seemed to intensify in his thoughts, but nothing else entered. He felt himself letting go of everything and the waves were his only reality. He felt the tenseness leaving him, his arm and legs would probably have floated if that were possible. His head laid back and his breathing deep, but slow.

Near let him do this for about twenty minutes before ending the music and blowing out the candle. "How does Dean feel?"

The hunter's voice was incredibly soft and he did not move, just barely whispering, “Do we have to stop? That was so good.”

"Dean should rest now," he answered softly. "Near will help again tomorrow night."

All Near heard was, “'Kay,” followed by a deep sigh, and Dean was asleep.

Near left, turning the lights off. This should allow Dean to rest without nightmares. Since the mind was relaxed, all the worries would be set aside.

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