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Monday, October 4, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 48

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Hunt discussion...Dean and L

Dean woke up early; the sun was just rising. He tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. He got up and washed his face, restless. Stepping outside his room, he was not sure what he was doing. He had to move around. Something felt wrong to him. He knew he was safe here, so it was him. He was still dealing with that event and he'd seen the strange look on Watari's face when he spoke of making 1-5000 on a good night, and he shivered. If Bobby'd known, he would probably have cornered him by now...maybe? Bobby was family. What the hell should he do. He walked the floors in the dark, barefooted, feeling like a wild cat that had been caged. Things inside him needed out, now. He felt trapped.

A soft voice intruded on Dean's musing. "You are up early," the detective observed.

The hunter jumped, and turned. “Damn, my skills are getting rusty. I can't sleep.”

"Something seems to be weighing on your mind."

“I feel trapped inside of myself. It's like something is screaming let me out. I mentioned playing pool to Mello. He was talking friendly games and forumulas. I had to explain to him that I made a good portion of our income playing pool.” Dean was quiet. “I can make 1-5000 a night, if the pickings are good, L. I told Mello I was a hustler. The look on Watari's face confused me. Bobby paid no attention. He knows I do that. Bobby kept Sam and never got an explanation. Dad wouldn't have given one. Sam wouldn't have known. When we picked up Sam, I was black and blue and moved slowly. Bobby must've thought I got hurt in a hunt. I've lived so many lies in front of so many people, L. Don't know if I can keep doing that.”

"Then end the lies, Dean. The only person to make that choice is you. If you are sick of trying to keep a specific mask up, then drop it and let it shatter. You must be honest with yourself above all. Bobby and Samuel are your family. Those two will not judge you in the long run."

“Sometime today, will you show the video to Bobby? I can't go through that video again, so I can't be there this time. I've been a lot of bad things in my life, I've been the cause of the deaths of innocent people. I've stolen, cheated, lied, and misled people. That's just what comes to mind at the moment. I want to remove Lilith, L. Then I want normal. I can't live it any more. It's not me. I don't want to be what I'm really not, any more.”

"When you are physically and emotionally ready, you and some of my choosing will go after her. I have agents keeping alert for signs of her now that I know what to look for. Dean, you will go with a team. If you do not, I will pull you back and let them finish it. Agreed?"

Dean was quiet for a moment. Sam could not go. Ruby was using him in some way to hunt Lilith. He felt that it was a trap, but not sure how. “L, Sam can not be on the team. Ruby was using him to find Lilith and kill her. Something is not right about that. Maybe there's plan. Maybe Lilith is more important to releasing Lucifer then we know. Cas thinks I'm supposed to prevent it. I don't trust anyone on either side except Cas, but he may be misled. Something's not right. Make sure we are going at it right, will you? You've got contacts and ways of getting info I don't. I'll work with a team.”

"Sam was slated by agreement by Azazel and Ruby to break the final seal by killing Lilith at a specific location. Said location is being dealt with as we speak." He'd managed to get that much from her before Sam had....terminated her.

“She can die elsewhere, just not at a specific place? That's what you're saying?”

"Follow me. I have information to show you. Do NOT tell your brother this until I tell you it is safe to. He will be informed of this 'hunt' before you go but will not be allowed due to the issues."

“Okay. I agree. Lead on.”

L led him to a private room where documents were spread out. The dark haired detective had spent all of his free time outside of cases and working with the brothers in this room, putting the puzzle together.

Dean wanted to look. His curiosity urged him on, but he waited on the detective. This was L's research.

Long fingers brushed over a stack of documents. "Transcripts of the interrogation of the demon, Ruby. I've written down everything the angel gave me as well. Books, notes, even the Bible was used. Sit and I will tell you what I have gleaned."

The hunter sat, and quietly waited. An intense gaze met L's. The detective knew the importance of this information to the man sitting across from him.

He crouched in the chair. "According to what I understand, you had to start this. You are what is called a 'righteous man,' Dean, and getting to know you, the appellation seems to fit. The whole cycle starts with blood and ends with it. The most important seal is the one where Lucifer is sealed. There's an actual location where Lilith has to die. To be honest, I am almost 99.99% certain she does not know that her death is a necessary component."

Dean scoffed in his mind at the righteous man analogy. What he'd done in hell was not the acts of a righteous man, but he let it pass. “She doesn't know she has to die to release Lucifer. Seriously? Then Ruby and Azazel? They were the ones who plotted this, or were they following Lucifer?”

"I believe Azazel was the first key player and even though he is dead, his influence is felt through hell. The denizens there are not as unified as you may believe. One major faction follows Azazel. A smaller faction follows Lilith, who is being misled at the moment. I believe Azazel wanted Lucifer released." He handed Dean a news article about the massacre of the nuns years ago. "This, according to Ruby, is the location where the final seal remains. The one Sam was deemed to break."

“So, Sam had to kill in a way that released her blood? This blood frees Lucifer? Then, if it's her death and blood that frees him, he can't be freed if she dies somewhere else? There's only three ways to kill her, the demon killing knife, the colt, and Sam. Sam must not be involved, I don't know where the colt is, but it would be the best way. The knife, I have, but I have to be in her face and drive that thing into her.”

"His hand, her blood on the seal. Timing and location are critical. If she dies before then, it must be clean and body disposed of immediately. As well as the grounds completely scoured."

“Clean? I'm telling you, knife or colt, and I don't have the colt, but I could put one bullet into her forehead like I did Azazel. My shooting ability was the only thing my Dad was proud of. I'm damn good. I wouldn't miss either.” Dean wasn't bragging, just stating a fact as he knew it.

"Where is this weapon?"

“I've heard rumors that a demon has it. A powerful one, but I don't know. The name Crowley came up once but it's a rumor and I haven't been able to find him.”

L frowned at that. "I can have contacts start to look for this individual."

“Fair enough. Problem is getting the colt. I'm not well enough to go after it. No idea if he'd work a deal or something. Not all the demons are happy over this situation. No idea where he stands."

"If we find his location and if he does have it, proving the ammunition and weapon are authentic, we'll discover what he wants and see if the demands cannot be met."

“Only one way to prove the thing is authentic. You have to kill a demon or some other unnatural creature with it.”

He gave a small shrug. "Indeed. I will contact my agents and begin working on locating this individual. My question is..why would Azazel inhabit the body of a priest and completely decimate the church population?"

“I can think of a couple of reasons. First, if Lucifer is there somewhere, he needed to locate him. A virgin sacrifice supposedly works well in that kind of thing. Ruby sure wanted to do one a while back, claiming it would destroy her too. One might let him know where he is, but all of those nuns would be virgins. That's a lot of demon mojo to find where he is. Second, if there is a mass murder like that and the church is damaged, the Catholics will think the ground is unholy. It will be kept abandoned, maybe guarded by the locals, to prevent problems. Unholy ground is perfect for what is planned against Lilith. Now, I could be wrong, but those make sense to me.”

"Fact or myth - demons cannot enter holy ground?"

“I always thought it was fact, but Meg killed Pastor Jim in his church...holy ground.”

He frowned. "Would Bobby be averse to a mission of sorts?"

“Bobby's a hunter, L.”

"Yes, but his children are here and injured.”

Dean looked up, surprised. "I sometimes wish we were his kids. He's been like a dad many times. Kicked my ass a few times, like one. He knows what's at stake for Sam and me if this isn't taken care of. He'd go.”

L looked at him. "Dean, children do not have to be born of the body and blood. Ask Watari that. He will say the same. That man is my father in all ways but biological." This was something he rarely admitted.

Dean stared at L intensely. “You're saying that Bobby's serious when he says he thinks of us as his? I thought...I thought. Hell, Bobby, we left you out too much. We need to talk to him about this. Then, he and I, well, we need to watch a video, L. Sam ought to be there. This is family, but I don't know if he can do it again, or not. Not sure I can, but he won't listen and watch that without me. Not if he feels that way about us.”

"Ask him first. He may be content to simply join at the end of it. But yes, Bobby has shown immense concern for both of you, referring to you often as his boys. He has been tactful in regards to the need for privacy but has expressed desire to help when and where he can."

“I had no idea he was that serious, but I do now. We're agreed we can't do much til we find Crowley and get the colt? You need a hunter,so Bobby's the one? There's also Ellen and Jo, but I'm not sure how she'd feel about being involved.I imagine she would after they burned down the Roadhouse. I know Jo would”

"Would Ellen agree to go with Bobby as backup? I purchased the property in question. At the moment, I want the grounds and building demon proofed until I can decide what to do with it. Once I do decide on a purpose, I will have you and him add the protections as well. Those grounds need protection."

“You're gonna need more then two. If Azazel has kept it secret this long, he has kept it so by keeping it protected demonically. We're gonna need to break spells, put up new ones. We need real powerful ones. We need Cas. He can put up spells that the demons can't break.There are spells we can use also, but we got to kill a lot of demons to get in there and do this. We need help. I can't do much in fighting them, but I can help set the spells. Jo could work too.”

L nodded. "Are there hunters out there that you and Bobby trust?"

“Bobby knows more then I do. We can use Cas also. He does spells that we are not capable of.”

"Said angel is not here.I can bring in people to escort them."

Dean stood up. “L, you need Cas. Said angel will show up if he knows what the hell I'm fixing to do. He keeps an eye on me. He'll show.”

The sound of fluttering was heard and Cas was standing with his face nose to nose with Dean's.

Both men jumped, and Dean yelled at the angel. “Damn it, Cas! Personal space! Can't you warn a guy you're showing up?”

"You have an oddly keen sense of timing, Castiel," came the dry response.

“It is my job to protect Dean Winchester. He seemed fine here. I have others I have to deal with. I was elsewhere. I can pick up his thoughts when he is stressed. He has been stressed a great deal. It seemed for the betterment of his soul. This time it is not the same type of stress.”

“I understand what you are trying to do, but Dean Winchester can not be involved in it. The demons want him dead, and the angels want him alive to use him. I have learned a great deal. Lilith must die but not near the church. I will help. I will place sigils around the church. No demon will be able to leave or enter. Those inside will have to be killed. They will just enter another body if they are not. I can not keep angels out. They are your problem, too. They, like the demons, want the humans killed. They plan to use Sam and Dean in some way to bring about a final battle. They are safe in this building. Castiel reached out and touched Dean's chest. He cried ot and fell back. Before L could stop it, he did the same thing to him."

“What the hell did you just do to me?” the hunter demanded.

“I put a sigil on your rib cage. No one on either side, including myself, will be able to find you. You are safe from that.”

Castiel reached into his overcoat and handed the detective a stack of papers. “This is all I could find on the conspiracy to destroy mankind. I am now being hunted by both sides. I will be here when needed, Dean."

“I do not know what the demons have planned other then what I heard you say, so now, I will mark the others in this building. I will take care of the church. I have a cell phone and I have put my number in yours, Dean.”

The angel disappeared. In five minutes, everyone was awakened by an angel putting a sigil on their rib cages. Then he was gone.

"Every time I am near that angel, I have the urge for violence." That was definitely an admission there.

“Tried once. Like hitting a brick wall. Hurt like hell.”

L drew in a breath. "I will send for Bobby and ask him to get hold of Ellen and the other hunters. I will have helicopters pick them up.”

L picked up a phone, ready to ask for Bobby to meet them in the room where the video was shown earlier. "Do you want to do the sharing thing with the video now?"

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