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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 64

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Aftermath of the Session

“All right. It's lunch time. He needs something special today. Take him back outside to that garden. Take it easy for a while. Watari mentioned the class tomorrow. I've got this one. I know what those kids are. L's not much different. I heard there were papers that were to be written. I can take care of the class. You two need a couple of days. Just the two of you.”

"Thanks, Bobby. And watch those four..they drain you fast. It's like they can't absorb the information fast enough."

“Then I had better be ready to do an overload. Now, get your brother outta here.”

Sam nodded, looking at his brother. "Let's head to the garden, Dean. Be nice to have lunch out there again, hmm?"

Dean murmured, “K, Sammy.”

Bobby leaned down putting his arms around Dean's waist. “Come on, Son. Sam can't get up with you half on him.”

Between the two of them, they got Dean to his feet and heading towards the garden.

“I forgot Near, Sam. Don't think I can do puzzles right now. Damn it, Sam. I let him down.”

"You also told him that you might be too drained to join him," Sam reminded him.

Bobby touched his shoulder, “I'll let him know, Dean.”

The younger one smiled. "It'll be OK. Let's see what Watari fixed for us for lunch. Wonder what new thing it'll be?"

Dean stopped and stared at him, almost confused. Sam watched his mind working through his eyes. Finally, comprehension dawned, and he halfway smiled. “Yeah. Might be something new at that.”

That partial smile helped and he grinned back, helping his brother to the gardens. Watari was waiting on them, a gentle look on his face.

Dean quietly said hello, but the old exuberance had not returned yet.

Watari pulled a chair out for the young man. "Enjoy your lunch. I need to check and make sure the boys haven't caused chaos upstairs."

“Thank you, Watari.”

He smiled and headed back in. Sam opened the trays and laughed. "Oh, Dean, I think you'll like this lunch." On the trays were big juicy cheeseburgers complete with what looked like homemade french fries.

Dean's eyes actually lit up a little. A real smile appeared. “I never thought I'd see one again”

"Oh yeah. They look delicious, don't they?"

“They cut them like the beef sandwich yesterday. I won't need help eating it. I hope it's real beef.”

It was, just a healthier cut of beef that didn't have as much fat in it. The burgers were seasoned to perfection.

Sam watched his brother eating the smaller cut portions, slowly. Enjoying each bite. He'd close his eyes and chew slowly, a soft smile on his face.

It was good to see that smile, even if it was over something as simple as a burger.

Dean looked across at his brother. “This is nice.”

"I think so too."
Several weeks had passed, and Dean seemed to be getting better physically. He was gaining back the weight he'd lost The doctor suggested that in another week his bandages to protect his shoulder could be removed.
The trio and Sam were highly frustrated. They were the ones who spent the most time with the hunter. Emotionally, he was the same. He wasn't fighting. Sam was beginning to wonder if he'd been right talking to L about forcing the issue with his brother. Bobby told him to give Dean time, but it had been three weeks and nothing was changing. His brother remained quiet, responding quietly. There was no practical jokes, no insane ideas, and none of the crazy responses Sam was used to. Dean was going over every word in his mind before speaking.

Mello walked into the middle of a video game, swearing. “We gotta to do something to snap him out of this. He's driving me crazy! I want Dean back.”

Near, who had been putting a puzzle together, said nothing, simply cradling the kitten and robot closer to him. He'd also been given a good report health wise.

“How?” Sam asked.

“I don't know,” Mello roared.

Matt shrugged.

Near looked up from kitten and robot, “Make Dean Winchester angry.”

Three voices responded at the same time, “What?”

"Dean's instincts have gone into hiding. Sam Winchester promised to protect Dean, true, but what of others? Dean's protective instincts need pushing."

Mello started laughing. “Awake Sleeping Beauty? All right. Who's gonna kiss him?”

Sam murmured something into Matt's ear, who nodded with a frown, and then the younger brother slipped out.

Dean was in the upstairs gardens, reading. He'd finished Doyle and had decided on rereading Tolkien and was towards the end of The Two Towers.

Near looked at Matt. "What did Sam Winchester say?" Matt sighed. "The best way to get his protective instincts moving .Mello, you'll have to target Near."

“Dean knows I have no problems with Near any more, Matt. He's got weeks of anger and who knows what else buried inside of him. He lets loose, who's protecting me from his protective instincts? I might have to hurt him.”

"We can get L and Watari to spring into action if we have to," Matt pointed out. "But the only interest he's shown in anyone has been Sam or Near. Even then it's limited."

“When are we doing this, and who's telling L, Watari, and Bobby about this stupid idea.”

"We should do it now, do you think?"

“Okay, what's the plan? Where the hell did Sam go?”

"Cover, better Dean angry at the three of us than him," Matt pointed out. "And I think he went to talk to L about the idea."

“How do I put Near in danger where that damned hunter will believe it? We've learned tons the past few weeks. One thing I learned, I don't want to cross him.”

"Near could find something of yours that's gone missing..something personal. You could take it the wrong way,' Matt pointed out.

“Nah, Dean wouldn't believe that, but he would believe me getting angry over L giving Near something to do that I wanted to lead. I used to feel that way. He might believe that, but what would I be doing to Near that would wake Dean up?”

"You'd have to go back to the behavior you showed at Whammy's," Matt said and Near nodded. The altercations back at the orphanage had been physically violent.

Mello winced at that. "He'll murder me."

“We try to hold him off, Near can go get the others if it starts to get bad. We got our martial arts.”

"Or have L and Watari nearby," Mello answered.

“Do you think they'll let us do this?”

"I have no idea," the blond said, taking a large bite of his chocolate.

“I think we better do this now, or it isn't gonna happen.”

L's voice answered. "Indeed. Watari, Sam, Bobby,and I will be positioned to stop the fight before it gets bad."

Dean had all but dozed off due to a boredom his mind refused to recognize as such. He heard the boys enter the garden and kept quiet. He found it difficult to be with people right now.

Mello's voice was aggressive. "Damn it, it's not right! You always manage to take everything away."

Near responded almost too quietly. "Near has not done anything to Mello. Mello just perceives a conflict."

Dean sat up, listening intensely. Mello and Near had a truce, he thought.

"Perceives? Is that why L gave you that and ignored me? I've worked my ass off and you're getting better cases! Shit, this isn't fair and you know it?"

"Mello has had interesting cases as well," Near pointed out.

Dean waited. This could just be an argument. Mello wasn't venting violently any longer.

"Oh yeah? You've gotten serials after serials. I get the fucking shaft in cases. The last one I had was a stupid 89 year old grandma who decided to rob a damn bank." He shoved Near, knowing he'd have to apologize later. "It's favoritism and I wanna know what you did to keep getting the good ones!"

Dean thought, Damn. He got up and started walking towards the sounds the boys were making, figuring he'd have to sit them down and talk to them. He really didn't want to do this, but he was the only adult here.

He went around a corner and found the boys. “Hey, guys.”

Mello ignored him, focusing on Near. " always take things! You get more're always too fucking quiet and still, you get more attention." He shoved him again, and Near tripped. A soft cry came from the white haired teen as his injured area hit first.

Dean panicked at the cry from Near and tried to one arm Mello away from him to help him calm down. “Come on, Mello. You know you don't want to do this. I need to check Near and make sure you didn't hurt him.”

The blond made a low scream of frustration. "Near.. Near.. Near..always fucking Near. What is he..some sort of sheep to love and crap? How come it's always fucking him?" He went after the other teen again, ready to punch.

Dean jumped Mello, using both arms, bandages pulling loose. He grabbed the boy in a choker hold, his face blood red with anger. “Damn it, Mello. You f*king keep your hands off him. He won't defend himself against you. BUT, I sure as hell can.” The hunter stuck a leg between Mello's and soon had the teen on the floor and was on top him, holding the boy's arms above his head with one hand, the other still around his throat. He shook his head by his throat on every word he said. You...ever....go....near.... him ….that …..way.... again....You'll regret ever being born.”

Hands pulled Dean off of Mello before one of the adults went to check on Near. "Everything is fine, Dean," L told him.

“He was hurting Near, L! Let me go!” The emotions were ragged and the voice hoarse with rage.

Near answered him softly. "Near is fine, Dean."

Dean turned and looked at the teen. “What? I heard you cry out.” The hunter's mind started whirling. “You don't cry out when you hurt. Why?' He turned and looked at everyone standing there.”Damn it to hell! This was a set up?”

Dean looked at his brother and Bobby. “This was a damn set up!!!” He turned to leave the gardens and Watari stood between him and the exit. Bobby's voice cut through the anger. “You're not gonna run from it, Dean. That's why you went through what you went through. But, you refused to come back. There's a lot of good in you, boy, and it needs to come back.”

L answered as well. "Bobby is correct. You have hidden within yourself for too long."

“You damn well tore me to shreds to get rid of me, so how the hell can you do this? How can you say I've hidden myself? Damn it? How can you want me back?”

"The parts that needed shredding were the anger, the drive to hide your pain by covering it up."

“But, that's all there is, L.”

Near spoke up. "Is the Dean that Near knows a lie then? Because Near did not see the Dean that hid behind anger, alcohol, or women. Did Dean lie to Near?"

Dean turned and stared at the youth. “That's different. That was you.”

"How is it different, Dean? Explain to Near please because Near does not understand."

Dean had a mass of confusion on his face and in his eyes. “What? Near, I...I ...ahhh,....Near, don't ask me, please. I...guess...I don't have an answer. I don't know.”

Confusion was on Near's face as well. "If Dean is only the anger and hiding, then Dean lied to Near." Mello hissed to himself. It was rare to see this much open emotion on the other's face. The white haired teen was almost trembling as he set the kitten down, fingers clenching the robot tightly now. The slender figure exited the room, intent on finding solitude.

Mello growled and turned to Dean. "You just fucked up."

Dean looked at the kitten on the floor and at the door where the teen had exited. He screamed, “NO!!!” Grabbing the kitten, the hunter ran for the door, screaming the boy's name..

Near was at the elevator, fingers hovering over the call button.

Dean ran towards the elevator and fell to his knees besides the boy. “Please, Near. Don't stop believing in me. With you, I'm human. I don't know why, but you are so special to me, and you bring out the good that is in me. I don't know what that is, but with you it exists. Please, don't stop believing in me.” Dean held out the white kitten, tears going down his face.

"Dean is lying to someone..either to Near or to Dean," the teenager told him.

“I can't lie to you, Near. You don't understand. I honestly don't know what I really am. I only know what I am with certain people. With you, it's different. You're special to me. I'm trying to get this same thing back with Sammy. Near, you don't know my past, what I've been, what I've done, or what's happened to me. It's too dirty to even talk about, but with you, I feel clean. Too much has gone through my brain lately, and has been stripped. At this point, I don't know what is allowed and what's not. I love you, Near. I can't lie about that.”

Near's voice was soft. "Dean should understand that what Dean feels around Near, Dean should feel about friends and family. Dean has hidden so long, Dean no longer understands himself. Instead of facing this, Dean chose to hide behind a wall of nothingness. This is why Mello and Near acted as they did."

The hunter doubled over, clutching the kitten to his chest, and a new set of tears started, these would heal. He cried out, “Sammy! Bobby!”

The teen sank to his knees in front of Dean as the other two came tearing into the hallway. "Dean?!" Sam's voice was full of concern.

“I'm sorry, Sammy. Bobby. Please. Please forgive me. Near, I'm sorry. Damn it, I've been lost for so long. Help me, please. I'm not sure how to find me.”

Bobby and Sam hugged him tight while Near gently wiped away Dean's tears."Near forgives Dean."

A heartbroken countenance stared up at the teen and a trembling arm held up a white kitten.

He took the kitten, hugging it tightly before giving Dean a hug as well. This was unusual as Near usually shunned contact.

Near was pulled into the family group, Dean refusing to let go for the moment.

The group held on tightly, Near getting a little smushed between the three adult males.

Dean looked up at the two hunters. “Please?”

"You're forgiven, Dean," Bobby told him and Sam echoed the same, hanging on tightly to his brother.

Matt looked at the group and turned to Mello. “You think he hurt his arm doing that? The bandages are all ripped. He really came after you. You okay?”

"I'm fine, worried about Near. He took a bit of a fall," the blond replied to his friend.

“The only one who can get an answer out of him for that has quite a grip on him right now.”

"I know," Mello answered.

“Right now, Dean's kinda messed up, but he'll remember Near got hurt. He'll also remember to say he's sorry to you too, Mello. He's like that when he's normal.”

The other teen shrugged. "Doesn't matter if he does or doesn't. As long as this helps get him on the right path."

“Come on, Mello. You know it does. You like Dean.”

"I do, Matty, but I went into this knowing he'd be pissed at me for it."

Dean started running his hands up Near's injured side. A tear streaked faced looked up at him. “You okay? You got hurt back there. L? Watari? He all right?”

L's voice came from up the hall. "Watari will check him over soon, Dean. And you as well."

“I need to stand, guys. Gotta get up. Shoulder's a little sore, but not like it's been in the past. Near, you get checked out right away. I heard you cry.”

Watari went to help the teenager to his feet as Bobby and Sam helped Dean to his. The older hunter looked at Watari. "I can handle bandaging him up if you want to focus on the boy."

The old inventor nodded. "Come along Near."

Dean watched Near leave with Watari. He turned and saw the the duo. He headed swiftly towards them.

Bobby and Sam tagged along, staying within range.

“Mello!” Dean singled out the blond, heading straight towards him.

Said teen watched him closely, wondering what the other was going to do.

“I ought to kick your ass for this.....but....I can't. Thanks, Mello.” An arm went around the boy's neck, pulling him into a hug. The other arm went around his back, holding him close.

Mello hugged him back. "Need to thank Matty too. We were worried about you."

The order came swift. “Matty!”

The redhead stared at him. "Yeah?"

“Don't play that game with me, boy, unless you want the ass kicking Mello didn't get. Now get over here.”

He grinned, heading towards him.

Dean soon had both arms filled with the teens, holding them tight. I'm sorry, guys. I've been totally out of it. Thank you for helping me.”

"You're welcome," they both responded to him.

Dean finally let both of the boys go and turned to Sam and Bobby. “I guess I need the shoulder checked, huh?”

Bobby nodded. "Yup."

“I don't guess we could leave it off? The doc said one week.”

"Lemme take a look at it first and see, OK?"

“Where are we headed? My room?”

Bobby nodded. "Yeah, I think that'll work."

Dean headed towards his room. He looked back at L, and mouthed 'thank you,' turned and pushed the elevator button.

L simply nodded, heading back to his work while Bobby and Sam followed Dean back to the elevator.

Dean leaned against the rear wall of the elevator looking a little pale. He closed his eyes.

"You all right," Sam asked his brother.

“Man, it's been months since I did anything like that. Made me kind of lightheaded. That made feel sick for a minute. Damn.”

"You'll have to start exercising slowly to rebuild your strength," he told him.

“Yeah, but I wasn't planning on trying to rip someone's head off today.”

"Very true."

Dean's next sentence made Sam feel good inside. It was an old Dean sentence, for sure.

“Hey, Bobby, would I be a wuss if I laid down after you checked the arm? I think I could pass out here, if I'm not careful. This is crazy. I was feeling fine.” There was even a slight smirk on his face.

"Nah, it's expected. Now, let's check that injury."

The hunter sat in a chair and waited while Bobby got things ready. The older man began to slowly manipulate the shoulder checking the shoulder blade and collarbone. Dean winced some. Once he drew a deep breath, but slowly exhaled.

"I think, if you're careful and don't use it too much, we can forgo the bandages," Bobby answered.

“Oh, thank you.” Dean stood up, kicked off the slippers, went to his duffel and grabbed a t shirt. He put it on, leaving the robe on a chair, and headed to the bed. I think maybe a nap will help get rid of the dizziness and nausea. I hope you don't mind, guys.:”

"We don't," Sam grinned. "Sleep well."

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