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Monday, October 25, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 67

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Dean and Sam part 2

Both brothers felt true peace of mind and spirit for the first time in their lives. Neither realized what it was yet, but time would make it clear. Both took comfort in the other. It was an hour or so later that Watari, looking for them to suggest lunch in one of the gardens, found them on the floor in the library. Dean leaned against a library chair, and Sam was half across his lap, his head against Dean's shoulder, Dean's arms around him, holding him close. Both were asleep. Watari recognized what was probably the first real rest either had ever experienced. They had healed as far as the two of them were concerned. They'd faced the rest, and with this occurrence, would be able to help each other heal from the rest.

The older man smiled at the realization and was pleased, knowing L would be as well. The two were really making strides in regards to their recovery for their mental health and well being.

Watari stood there trying to decide whether to wake the brothers, when Dean felt his presence in his sleep and the hazel eyes slowly opened. He blinked, felt the weight of his brother still in his arms, and a tender smile cross his lips. He looked up at other man.

“Hi,Watari,” he whispered.

He smiled, eyes lighting up a bit. "Hello Dean," he answered back quietly.

“Looks like we fell asleep. Been doing a lot of that lately. He needs it right now. Is L needing us?” Watari found it slightly endearing that Dean was not even realizing that he needed the sleep as bad as his brother, and that the hunter's attitude was not parental.

"It's close to lunch, so I was coming to see if you two were ready for that but it seems that Sam needs his rest as well."

Dean sighed softly, “He needs to eat more, but this kind of sleep doesn't happen to us, Watari. Come to think of it, not since I was four, have I slept like this. Sam, I'm not sure.”

"I'll keep the meal warm for you both. Come find me when he wakes," he said with a gentle smile.

"Thanks, Watari. I will.”

The older man left the two young hunters, and when out of Dean's viewing range, turned to watch. He found a vantage point, where standing, he could keep an eye on the two boys.

Dean gazed down at his brother and smiled, slowly pushing the hair away from his eyes. He leaned down and barely moved his lips onto the spot where the hair had been. He carefully arranged Sam so they both would be comfortable. Leaning back against the library chair, he was soon asleep again.

Under Watari's watchful gaze, the duo would sleep for another hour before Sam stirred, rubbing his grainy feeling eyes.

Sam noticed that they were still on the floor and that he was being held in the arms of a sleeping Dean. He looked at his watch and realized they'd been asleep for over three hours. He looked up at his brother's face and watched in awe for a moment. He couldn't recall a time when the older man had looked this peaceful. It made him look much younger then he normally looked.

He gave a soft smile, grateful for his big brother. Dean had comforted him without trying to be a parent, giving him what he'd needed at the time, and Sam knew he was lucky to have Dean as his brother.

The loss of the Sam's weight in his arms caused the hunter to stir. The hazel eyes opened and he saw his little brother sitting there in front of him, staring at him.

Dean sighed, smiled a soft smile, and his eyes had a sleepy look to them. “Hi, Sammy. Sleep well?”

"I did, thank you," he murmured quietly.

Dean sat up slowly, stretching and wincing as the shoulder responded to the stretching. He had muscles that hadn't been used in a while and they didn't like the stretch. He looked up at Sam, squinting into the light on the ceiling behind his brother. “You okay?”

"Yeah...needed that.Thank you," was the soft response.

“You're welcome. Watari was here earlier. Said to hunt him down when we woke up. He was gonna keep our lunch warmed for us. You hungry?”

Before Sam could answer, his stomach gave a loud growl. "I think I am," he said with a laugh.

Dean grinned and got to his feet, reaching down to offer his brother a hand. “Let's go find Watari.” Neither knew the man had stayed and watched over them.

He rose to his feet with help from his brother. "Yeah, before our stomachs try to eat themselves."

Another big grin crossed the older hunter's face. “Watari suggested one of the gardens. That sound okay, or we could go to my room and do more research and eat there. You pick today.”

"Garden is good. I think sunshine would do us both some good, huh?"

“Yeah. It would. Let's hunt him down.”

Sam nodded, rubbing his face before falling into step with Dean.

“Wanna stop off at my room and clean up a bit first....maybe wash your face to help wake up?”

"Good idea," he answered.

They stopped off at Dean's room, and another unusual change had occurred in the older hunter. “Go ahead. Sam. I can wait a few minutes.”

Sam smiled, then went to wash his face.

Dean did a few stretches while Sam was cleaning up. He felt bones popping in his spine and it felt good to move.

The younger brother came back out a short time later, looking a bit more alert.

Dean wrapped him on the head as he passed, “Now you look like someone's alive in there,” he teased. Sam found it funny that Dean had to reach a little to hit the top of his head.

He laughed. "Yeah, I'm awake now."

“Good,” Dean yelled back from the bathroom. “Nothing worse then holding a one sided conversation and wondering if you are in there.”

Another laugh came from Sam. "Like we've not done that before."

“Hell, Sam. It's all we've ever done. Don't want that any more. If we don't feel like talking, we say so and tell the other the truth why we don't. We get mad at each other, we say so and talk it out. Brothers....right?”

"Right," he answered as he waited for the other to finish.

Dean left the bathroom, a bounce in his step Sam hadn't really seen in a long time.

“Let's go! I'm hungry.”

He smiled and nodded, falling into step with his brother. It was good seeing Dean so upbeat.

They took the elevator to the bottom floor and found Watari waiting for them with a tray. Dean frowned. “Sam, how does he do that? Damn it, cameras.”

The younger chuckled. "I've learned not to be surprised by it, honestly."

“Well, I usually try to not be surprised, but sometimes I forget about now.”

"Yeah, I can see how that'd be easy to do."

“Well, it's damn frustrating cause it makes me look like a fool.”

"A bit silly but not a fool," he told him as they followed Watari out.

“I can probably deal with that then. I act silly more often then I should, I guess.”

He laughed. "But it's fun."

“Since when, Sammy? You think I haven't seen the anger, frustration, disgust , and plain embarrassment on your face.” Dean laughed. “I can't help it sometimes, Sam.”

Another soft laugh. "Yeah but it means you're in a good mood, which I really like."

“I guess it's cause I had to grow up so fast, Sam. Sometimes the kid finds his way out.”

"And he should. I don't mind at all," he murmured.

“Really? He does it of his own accord, Sammy. I embarrass you. I don't mean to do that, you know.”

"Nah, it's okay," he said with a smile.

Dean smiled, “I'll remind you of that, Sam. Next time you tell me to cut out the crap.”

He laughed. "Deal."

Dean was laughing as he stopped and turned and held out his hand. “A man shakes on a deal, Sam.”

He took the hand, shaking it.

Dean grinned, “We better catch up with Watari or we'll have a cold meal.” Dean opened the door and followed Sam out. “He probably headed for our usual spot.”

"I like that spot so it sounds good to me."

“Yeah, best chairs in the garden. Let's catch up with him. He can really move when he wants to.”

He nodded and both began following after the older male. They reached their favorite spot a few minutes behind the older man, but Dean was winded from not having exercised in a while. He was still smiling though.

Sam sank into a chair after helping Watari with the tray.
Dean's grin and the twinkling eyes stared up at the older man. “Watari?”

"Yes, Dean?"

Sam picked up a glass of water and was taking a long drink when Dean answered Watari, “What food that I think I hate am I really going to like today?” He winked at the older man as he said it.

He laughed softly as Sam swallowed the wrong way. "Grilled salmon on a bed of lightly flavored pasta with green beans."

“It doesn't taste like the canned stuff, does it? Never cared for green beans. What's gonna make this better then what I've eaten in the past? I'm learning here, you know.” Dean grinned as he said it, as he turned and hit Sam on the back to help the choking.

"Fresh green beans, I promise," he chuckled.

“All right, I'm holding you to it, that it's all good. Is the pasta seasoned in any way?”

"Same seasons I used for the salmon to give it some consistency. I think you'll enjoy it. Excuse me, I need to make sure the boys haven't torn something up by now."

“What the hell are they into? Near involved?”

"Not that I am aware of," he chuckled.

“You do realize they are going to blow something up one of these days?”

Watari grinned. "They've done it before, I wouldn't be surprised if they did again."

It was Sam's turn to grin when Dean got a look of almost disbelief on his face. “Seriously?”

"Never put the three of them in the same chemistry lab," he laughed.

Several times, Dean opened his mouth to reply and closed it. Seeing Dean speechless was rare and Sam enjoyed the moment.

Watari grinned at them and went back inside.

Dean just sat there in shock watching the older man enter the building. He shook his head, looked at his brother and saw the big grin.

"Sorry Dean, it's just rare to see you speechless like that."

Dean stared. “Yeah...but did you?......Did he?....Forget it.”

"Forget what?"

“Aw, come on, Sam. Let it go.”

"All right," he chuckled and began eating his meal.

Dean could hear him chuckling and muttered under his breath which made Sam laugh all the harder.

It was fun being able to tease and laugh like this, Sam thought to himself as the two of them enjoyed the food Watari had brought.

Dean put his fork down before touching a bite. “Okay. Since you are finding this so funny, is there a joke here I'm missing? Did those three blow up a chemistry lab or is he pulling my leg? With them, it's possible!”

At this, Sam had to quit eating because he had started laughing so hard.

"Knowing him, he's probably telling the truth."

“Then what about those kids blowing something up is so damn funny?”

The fact that Dean had not caught on to what he was laughing about made Sam laugh even harder. He loved it when Dean was dense and didn't catch some off the wall thing that made him laugh.

"It's your reaction to it, Dean."

Dean stared at him, a blank look on his face. “That's funny?” His brother began to scratch his head, and that did it. Sam stood up and walked off for a minute and Dean could hear hysterical laughter from behind some trees.

Sam heard a shout from his brother, “Damn it, Sammy! I can't see what is so funny about how I reacted!”

It took a few moments before the younger brother came back, still snickering on occasion.

Dean was trying to eat, shaking his head in confusion. He would scratch his head every so often, and Sam was trying not to end up beside himself with laughter again.

Watari came out a short time later with fruit and ice cream.

He paused when he saw the brothers. Dean looked very disconcerted, and Sam was almost red in the face striving hard to keep from laughing any further and risking getting his brother angry.

"I believe I have missed something," he murmured, setting the dessert out.

“Sam seems to find everything I do and say to be very funny.”

He smiled at that.

Seeing Watari's smile was the last straw for the older hunter, “Would someone please share the joke? I must be real stupid today because nothing seems that funny.”

Watari began to explain what it was that had tickled them so much.

Dean just sat there and stared at both of them and it took all Sam had to not start again. Dean looked at his brother and then at Watari. “You dudes... both need to get a life. There's got to be better entertainment out there then me.”

The older man laughed at that. "Oh Dean, but you deliver it so well at times."

The blank look occurred again. Again Sam watched his brother opening and shutting his mouth, speechless.

He ruffled Dean's hair affectionately.

Dean looked even more confused but figured retreat was the better course of action, so he reached for the fruit and ice cream, thanking Watari for bringing it. Neither realized that it had finally clicked in the older brother's brain.


“Where in the building is the chemistry lab? I want to avoid it while I'm here? I hate loud noises.”

"Fortunately, we do not have one here."

“Then what in the building does explode?”

"Kitchen," Sam snickered.

Before either man knew what happened, Sam was on his back on the ground, and Dean was straddling him, a knee over each shoulder sitting on his chest and looking down at his face. “Wanna repeat that, little brother?”

At first, Sam and Watari were concerned about what the man was thinking until both of them saw his shoulders shaking as Dean tried to keep from laughing.
"Kitchen is the best place for experiments," he said. "Or don't you remember the stuff I had to do at home as a kid?"

“You might have made it hard to breathe in there, Sammy, but you never blew it up. They are smarter then you. Or are you telling me that being dumber then them kept you from blowing it up?” Dean smirked.

"Probably," he grinned. He knew the boys outclassed him and wasn't afraid to admit it.

Dean stood up and reached down to help his brother rise. He looked winded but not as pale as he had been. He turned to Watari, “I don't envy you. I had enough trouble with one of Sam, but I was a kid at the time.” He grinned at the older man, and returned to finish his ice cream.

The old man laughed. "I have a house full of them honestly."

The hunter grinned, As I said, I don't envy you. I still got one Sammy and he's hard to keep an eye on at times.”

Said brother smirked. "And damned proud of it!"

“You're talking mighty big for someone who came close to getting his ass kicked a minute ago.”

"Yeah yeah...and you know if I didn't drive you a bit batty, something's not right."

“Do you always have to have the last word, Sammy?”

"Like you don't," he teased.

“I'm the oldest. I'm supposed to.”

He laughed at that. "Near's the youngest of the trio and always ends up with the last word."

“Damn it,Sammy. Near is smarter then them. He's quiet and he thinks before he talks.”

"You haven't seen them in a serious debate, have you?"

“They don't do that around me, Sam. They know I can't keep up with that.” Dean was quiet a minute. “They debate around you?”

"Once and that was after you went to bed early one night. God, I had no idea three kids could get into a topic like that."

“You understood it? What did they debate?”

"Of all things...fictional versions of werewolves and vampires versus what we taught them." His eyes were wide. "Those guys had done an extreme amount of research."

“Well, you should have been able to keep up with that, no problem, right?”

"Dean, they had gone back into the first documented recordings of both..pulled out shit I hadn't even heard of!"

“Did Bobby mean it when he said he was going to do the teaching from now on? Not just til I was better?”

"I hope so cause I don't think I can keep up."

“Well, if you can't, I know I sure as hell can't”

Both stared at each other with wide eyes. "We are SOOO screwed."

“If they've come that far, Sam, I won't be able to teach them anything.”

Watari laughed. "There is a lot to still instruct. Give it time."

“At their rate of consumption, I don't see how. Bobby's the only one capable of teaching them and keeping up with them. Everything you put in that computer library, I can just about guarantee he's read.”

"And the boys and L have probably read it too," Sam pointed out.

“Okay, how much of them have you actually read? Combine the research over the years, and maybe, I've read one-half a book.”

"A few..not as many as Bobby has."
“How do you do that, Sammy? We both study til we drop when we're there. You have some kind of marathon I don't know about?”

"A skill I will teach you, learning how to study and time management."

“Sam, I don't ever have enough hours in a day and you know that. Our life barely lets us get four hours sleep a night, and that's if we're lucky. It's spent driving, research, investigating, hunting, and finding some time to eat, clean up, and looking for the next case.”

"Which will stop when we're ready to move on, right? I'll show you then."

“You got a deal, Sammy. Now what the hell do we do?”

A bright smile curved his lips. "We take over the physical aspect of training; Bobby gets the book work."

“That'll work.” Dean seemed to relax after that.

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