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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 61

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.

Sam's Prank and Dean Helps Near

Dean was exhausted. The teaching earlier, than this emotional upheaval. He held on to Near's hand, his eyes meeting his brother's. Sam saw the coloring as it had been earlier, and knew that beyond the genuine smile that sparked in his eyes and the laugh lines, his brother was at the point of dropping. Watari noticed it too, having been dealing with Dean during his illness. Sam and Watari shared a look.

Watari spoke up. "I believe that Dean and Near both should rest as they're still healing."

Sam spoke up, “I can take care of Dean, if you want to see to Near. They've both been pushing themselves too hard. You can't heal right if you don't rest properly.”
Dean stared at Sam and then looked at Watari, imagining a conspiracy, and he was right, and knew it. He looked at Near. “We're okay, Near. They're right. We need to rest.”

Near nodded. He was not one for naps but knew Watari would not allow him to evade it.

Dean smiled. “I know. If it's not Watari, it's Sam or you.” He grinned. "You'll feel better and I hope I will too, if I can behave myself.“

Another nod came from the white haired teen. "Perhaps. However, rest is beneficial to both Dean and Near for healing."

“Yeah, Near, it is. At this moment, I think I'm ready for it. Have a good rest, Near. Okay, Sam.”

Sam grinned, helping his brother to his feet and walking with him to his room. "I'll see you when you wake up."

Dean seemed surprised that Sam didn't come into the room but was leaving. “Okay. Have fun, wherever you're going.” He watched his brother close the door, with a sigh. Turning he looked at the tall bed. Damn! It looked taller today. He walked over, turned his back to it and jumped up, almost missing. He inched himself up and found a comfortable position. It only took a few seconds for him to doze off.

Sam had managed to rope Matt and Mello into helping him. When Dean woke from his nap, he would find his bed covered with stuffed cats...several were Puss 'n Boots from the Shrek movies.

The first thing the three heard from where they were sitting in the hallway, was, “What the hell! SAM!!!!!”

The troublemakers snickered and Sam innocently popped his head into the doorway. "You bellowed?"

Dean had managed to sit up in the bed, his hair going everywhere. He'd not had a haircut in a long while, the longer strands was sticking up and going in every direction. His eyes were wide, taking in all the cats. He looked at Sam's innocent, puppy dog look. “Damn it, Sammy!” He looked at the cats again. His brother watched. Dean's sense of humor kicked in, his mouth twitched, and he started to smile ...then the laughter erupted.

Sam started laughing as well, accompanied by two others who were in the hallway behind him.

“You can tell those two assholes out there that they should at least come in and face me.” Dean was grinning.

Two grinning faces popped into the doorway behind Sam, still snickering.

“Where the hell did you doofusses find all of these damn cats? Especially,” Dean picked up one of the Puss 'n Boots. “This one?”

Matt grinned. "We raided a few toy stores."

“Hell, that had to cost a pretty penny. These things ain't cheap.” Dean appreciated the amount of trouble that went into the prank. He knew it was Sam's idea, and loved it even more that his brother had thought of it.

Mello laughed softly. "Well, it was worth it."

“I got to admit, managing it while I was in the bed was a feat. Shows how tired I really am, I guess. Sam can tell you this would not have been easy if I'd been my normal self. It made my day, though. After I frickin got the crap scared out of me. One of the big ones was nose to nose with me when I woke up. I almost screamed.” Dean chuckled as he thought about it.

They laughed again. "That was the point. Glad you appreciated the prank." Mello loved playing jokes when he could.

“Well, after the water balloons, you owed me one. This was a good one.”

Matt nodded. "That's what we figured."

Dean shook his head and laughed again. “What time is it, guys? Anyone know what Watari and L have planned.”

Sam kept wondering why Dean was so worried about plans all the time. He'd dealt with so much already, and so had Dean. It had to get better from here.

"No clue," the redhead answered. "It's about two thirty or so."

“What're you going to do, Sam?”

He rubbed the back of his neck. "Not sure yet."

“I think I'll grab Doyle, ask someone for a cup of tea, that sounds weird, and go to the inside garden, grab one of those comfortable chairs, and read. Don't tell anyone, guys. I'm hiding.” Dean grinned and he scooted to the edge of the bed and jumped off. He grabbed his copy of Sherlock Holmes. Mello said he'd order him a tea and have it delivered to the inner garden.

Near was working a puzzle at the table in the inside garden, one finger twisting a lock of hair as he continued to work on it with an almost absent expression on his face. He had not been able to rest well and had come here to try to relax. Watari had provided some snacks for him in case he got hungry.

Dean saw him and walked up to look at the puzzle. He spoke softly because Near seemed distant. “Hey, you okay?”

Gray eyes looked up. "Near is well. Did Dean sleep well? Dean looks better."

“I slept well, and had a major payback on a practical joke played on me. You didn't sleep well, did you? Why didn't you use that technique you taught me, Near? You need to rest.”

"Near did but was awakened many times," he answered softly, spotting the book. "Dean enjoys Doyle?"

“Yeah, Doyle's real good. I like him. Holmes is an interesting character to read. What woke you up so many times?” Near was now discovering one of the things about Dean that drove Sam crazy. He got on a scent, he would not back down.

"Near was in some discomfort. Watari gave Near something for that," he answered quietly.

“Is it better now? Not hurting as bad, because you look exhausted.”

"It has alleviated somewhat." He pointed at the seat next to him, a comfy one. "Dean may join Near if Dean wishes. Near would not mind the company."

“You need to rest your mind, Near. Come join me? They have this real comfy double swing back there. I'll read you some Doyle. Let you rock, relax, and just listen. No need to think. How about it?”

Gray eyes blinked at him. "Dean would read to Near?" He hadn't had that done to him for as long as he could remember.

Dean smiled, held out a hand, and said, “Yeah, come on.”

Near picked up his toy robot, taking his hand.

They found the rocker near the rose garden. The old fashioned roses had a wonderful scent and their aroma filled the air. Dean sniffed appreciatively, looked at the rocker and noted that it had an automatic rocking mechanism. They climbed on, and he set it on the lowest setting. Opening the Doyle, he found one he hadn't started yet. The steady movement of the rocker, Dean's voice, and exhaustion soon put Near to sleep. Dean kept reading softly, realizing that his voice seemed to help. An hour later, L and Watari were walking the gardens checking on the teen. They found them by the rose garden. Near had moved over and was laying against Dean's left shoulder, asleep, Dean had read until he was hoarse and had dozed off, his head leaning onto Near's. The rocker was still slowly moving.

L's eyes softened as he watched the two for a moment before gesturing for Watari to leave with him. He would leave the two of them to rest.

Dinner time came and Sam was looking for his brother. He spotted Mello and Matt and asked if they knew where he was. They weren't sure unless he was still reading. Sam headed up to the garden.

The two were sound asleep and Matt, who had followed Sam, gave a soft sound. "Damn...they've slept this long?"

“How long have they slept like this?” Sam smiled, noting the open Doyle in Dean's lap. His brother must've read Near to sleep, and fallen asleep himself afterward Their positions suggested that. “Near having problems sleeping? It looks like Dean read him to sleep? You knew they were up here, then?”

Matt shook his head. "I didn't. L probably did but he's had us working on some files so Mello and I didn't know. Near's light enough where I can move him if he won't wake. Do you want to wake up Dean?"

“Do we want to? If Near has had problems sleeping, and he's sleeping good right now, do we really want to move him? Dean must still be tired or he wouldn't have fallen asleep. Unless L and Watari want them woke up, I say let them sleep.”

"The only problem with that is Dean could wake up with a massive crick in his neck."

“We've both dealt with those before. I know what to do for him, if it happens. Right now, Near seems to need him. For Dean to be in this position, I can guarantee Near needed him.”

"Then we'll leave them be. Good thing it's warm in here."

“Yeah, it is. Where are you guys going to eat? You interested in a video game?”

Matt grinned. "We can ask Watari to eat in the room with the big TV and play."

“Next to the cats, that's the best idea I've heard all day,” Sam said with a grin.

The red head snickered and led the other out of the room.

The evening grew dark. Sam and Matt were playing video games, and Mello finally joined them. L and Watari were deciding what to do with the sleepy heads in the garden.

The only concern L had was the fact they had been in the same position for an incredibly long amount of time.

Watari agreed about the concern. Bobby, entering, listened to the discussion. “Sam and Dean have had to sleep in some weird places and odd positions during their young lives. They know every trick there is to working out those kinks and spasms. Only problem I see is if it happens in an injured area. How long they been asleep? It might be wise to put them to bed. If Near needs Dean around tonight, put the boy in Dean's bed with him. My boy won't mind. Sam and I can move them if necessary. Barely wake them, and they'll doze right back off.”

L spoke up. "I can move Near easily enough. Dean will be the problem. They have been asleep since around four o'clock."

“Sam's a big boy. He can handle Dean. He has before. Four o'clock? That's almost five hours. They're gonna hurt when they finally wake up. Good thing Sam knows what to do. If Near has been having problems sleeping, let him remain with Dean tonight. Hearing Dean's breathing and feeling him move in the bed may be what keeps him asleep.”

"Indeed." Watari went to a phone, calling Matt to send up Sam.

“Well, it's Watari, and you are being called to the gardens, Sam. Mello, wanna come? They look kinda cute. A few pictures might be fun for Dean.”

The group headed to the gardens, Mello snickering softly at the sight.

They had beaten the others to the garden. Sam took out his cell and took pictures from different angles.

“Ain't he cute?”

Sam turned and looked at Bobby who had been watching him take pictures. He flushed a little.

Mello shook his head. "Make sure those pictures don't get out, Sam. Otherwise, L will have your head. Anonymity is how we survive."

Bobby answered. “They will go into the family album, and some sent to you guys. Then they are removed from Sam's phone.”

"Make sure the album isn't shown to anyone outside of this group," he murmured. He turned when L entered. "Is everyone ready," he asked them.

Sam leaned over and gently raised Dean's head. He picked up the Doyle book and gave it to Bobby. L leaned in and slowly moved Near off the hunter's shoulder and lifted him to where the boy's head was against his shoulder. Sam started to lift his brother when a hand came up to his throat.”

“It's okay, Dean, it's me.”

“Sammy? Where's Near?”

“L's got him. I'm just gonna help you go back to bed. Near's gonna sleep with you tonight, okay? The boy's sleeping better around you. You both need the rest.”

“K, Sam. I can walk.”

“I”m gonna help you. Just lean on me.” Dean started moving, and groaned in pain.

“My neck hurts like hell, man, and I got some spasms. How long I been asleep and what kind of position was I in?”

L responded. "Several hours which is why we are moving the pair of you. Watari commented that Near has not been able to rest well for some time."

“That's why I asked him to join me. The rocking, and my reading put him to sleep. Hell, my reading would put anybody to sleep. It put me to sleep.”

Sam murmured as he helped Dean stand, “I think he slept because you were next to him, Dean. He holds things in worse then you. The boys went through a lot with Ruby. Somewhere inside him, there has to be nightmares, and the pain. Sleeping with you next to him, he felt safe.”

Dean sounded surprised, “You think? He can sleep with me if he needs to. I got no problem with that, if it will help him.

Mello answered quietly. "Matt's been crashing with me at times cause of that bitch. So I can understand if Near has been, not that he'd tell anyone."

Dean watched L holding the teen. “He told me he was having problems sleeping for a while now. I thought the rocking and my voice reading would help him doze off. I kept reading so he'd hear it and continue sleeping. It never crossed my mind that it might be me that helped him sleep. I don't understand that, other then me throwing myself on him to try stop that bullet, but damn, I'm not some hero who can prevent people from getting hurt. Look at him. He's not uninjured.”

It was the blond who gave the answer. "If you hadn't, he wouldn't be alive.'re the first stranger to give a damn about an orphan with issues. Most people shy away from all of us, him especially."

“But, being an orphan doesn't not make you a person. I may have had a Dad, but when my Mom died, I became an orphan. Not very many people wanted me around...just Bobby, Caleb, and Pastor Jim. Two of them are dead now. I care about you guys. I like all of you. You never judged me or wanted anything out of me except to be me. That's rare in my life. Okay?”

"It is the same for us," L answered as they headed for Dean's room.

The three men were about to see what Sam and the trio knew...Dean's difficulty getting into and out of bed. Sam asked L to wait, and stepped forward, picking up his brother.

“What the hell are you doing, Sammy?”

“Seeing to it you don't jar your wounds tonight. That shoulder is never going to heal with you jumping in and out of the bed.”

The detective nodded. "Wise idea. Dean, get comfortable so I can lay Near down."

Dean arranged himself with pillows against his side and under his shoulder. He lay down, and felt L arranging Near. The lights were turned off, and within minutes, Near had located him in his sleep and was soon against his good shoulder. Dean smiled and soon dozed off.

The group left to allow the duo to sleep.

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