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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Supernatural Death Note Chapter 55

Authors: Lady Laran and Tisha Wyman Warnings: Bad language, violence, and some sex. Spoilers: My favorite show is Supernatural. Anyone who knows me will say I am almost obsessed, unless they happen to be Laran, who knows I am. Laran loves Death Note. We both love to write. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think we'd be writing an alternate universe/crossover between the two. What started as a several chapter story has turned into a novel The story had a life of its own. This saga begins towards the end of season 4 and before L truly got involved with the Death Note. This is a story of healing, family,friendship, humor, and horror. We do not own either show or its characters, but I'd take Dean in a heartbeat. We make no money from them. Thank you for reading. Comments are highly appreciated.


"You know, we could start training them to be ready to back you up."

Dean's interest was caught by his brother's suggestion. “I like that idea a lot. You'll have to do a lot of the physical stuff, Sam. They all know some form of martial art. Still, they need to know what will work and what won't with demons.”

Sam blinked at that. "Wait...all of them? "Even slouchy L and Near, who didn't seem to move much?'

Dean gazed at his brother and asked, “All of them what? Taking martial arts? Training all of them?”

"Martial arts. I mean..L doesn't exactly inspire much with his posture and Near rarely moves."

“I wouldn't want to mess with them. I would try if I had to, but I'd get my ass kicked more then likely.”


“They can also shoot. What they don't know is how to kill, stop, or trap demons, much less any other supernatural creature.”

He grinned. "I think it's time for class to start then."

Dean's brows went up and down as he smiled, “Demon 101?”

"Yup, we should talk to L about it and see who is going where."

“Yeah, last time, L and Mello came with me, and Near and Matt monitored us.”

He nodded. "Makes sense. Let's go find him."

Dean grinned, “Watch out for water. No idea if Watari has got the upstairs, elevator and the hallway outside dried up. Back to where we were.”

Sam snickered. "That was hilarious."

“That's one way to cool ardor, as if I had any in that.”

He chuckled. "You realize, I think you met your match in that one. He's just as stubborn as you are," he teased.

“Was I that hard ass when I was a young teen, Sam? I seem to remember trying to hide how I felt about things. Damn, I hope I wasn't that bad.”

"You two are remarkably similar...not in a bad way though."

“Looking at it now, at my age, that's terrifying.”

"Well, he's got a few to keep him in check. It's just funny watching the two of you together."

“He's a cocky little bastard.”

"Yup, that he is."

“You aren't saying, I am too?”

Sam grinned. "You already know you can be," he teased, then ducked.

“You'd better be grateful I can't kick your ass right now.”

He started laughing, eyes gleaming.

“Okay, big boy, what's so funny? You think cause I have to look at up that I can't take you?”

The laughter kept coming. " damned funny."

Dean stood there in pajama bottoms, slippers, and a bathrobe, hair going every which way, and his arm in the sling. He stared up at his brother.“What is so damned funny, Sammy?”

"If you could see yourself," he laughed. "Sorry..just so cute and funny."

“Cute? Damn it, Sammy, that's the same thing you and Bobby said after I got ghost fever.”

He snickered, grabbing his cell and snapping a picture of Dean.

Dean tried to grab the cell from him, jumping up in the air one arm raised. That picture was not going out to known friends.

“Give it to me, Sam.”
"Oh no!!! I'm keeping it," he cackled.

Dean went down and ran into his brother, headbutting him n the diaphragm, trying to take him down. Sam reached out to stop him and they both went down, Dean being careful to land on his left side on top of him.

"You OK?" He was laughing and kept the phone out of his brother's reach.

The hunter was slowly working his way across the top of his brother aiming for the phone, slightly winded by the fall and no means to stop himself. Determination showed on his face.

“Oh yeah. I'm fine.”

Sam scrambled to his feet and ran out of the room. "Not getting it!"

Dean was thrown off his brother when he scrambled. He did a slight roll and managed to prevent going all the way to his right side. He struggled to get to his feet, muttering under his breath as he did, “Like hell you will. I'm still the big brother here....even if you are a sasquatch.”

Mello was outside the door, snickering. "Sasquatch?"

“Exactly. Which way did he go?” Dean heard the elevator. “Where's the stairs?”

"That way," he grinned, pointing down the hall.

Dean ran and looked at the elevator. “Damn it, Sam! Up? That's four flights.” He ran towards the stairs, opened the door, and up he went.

The blond giggled after heading towards another room, using the cell given to him to email the picture to Matt. Sam had passed it to him and used himself as a distraction.

With all of the health issues, he had been dealing with, Dean found out that four flights of stairs weren't as easy to climb as they normally were. He finally reached the 7th floor and entered the main room. He was red faced, and very winded. His chest was wheezing a little. He could not get enough air to talk. He looked for his brother.

Watari handed him a bottle of water. "Are you all right?"

Dean nodded and took a long drink of water. “A little bit, but he's not.”

Matt looked up with a grin. "Why?"

Hazel eyes took in the teen's smirk. He looked up at his brother. “You didn't have time.”

Sam looked innocent. "Have time for what?"

“Where's your phone, Sammy?”

"What phone?"

“Your cell phone, Sam”

Sam shrugged. "Not sure."

Dean was looking everywhere for the phone, knowing Sam well enough to know that if he wasn't sure, then he didn't have it. “Whadja do with it, Sammy?” Suddenly the hunter froze.

The blond teen came in, nibbling on chocolate. "Hey guys."

“Son of a...” Dean turned towards Mello. “Where's the camera?”

"Hmm? What camera?"

That question was all the young man needed to know the truth.

Watari cleared his throat, pointing at a screen behind Dean. Matt had taken the email and projected the picture up for all to see.

Dean had a look of apprehension, shock, and downright frustration. “Aw, man!” He ran his left hand through the mussed up hair, knowing it was not going to go down unless he did something with it. He looked at Sam, Mello, and Matt. “I'll get even.” He headed to his room.

Bobby was the first one to break out laughing. “He's so cute in that picture. I want a large copy, bigger then an 8x10. Gonna frame it and put it on one of my walls.”

Matt grinned. "Will do!" Sam was laughing, getting his phone back.

No one saw the hunter for hours. He was not in his room, and he'd missed supper. How he'd managed to evade the cameras no one was sure of.

Finally, Watari murmured, “There he is,” as Dean entered his room, crossed over to the bed in the dark and did his jump to lie down on it. He had not asked for anything to eat, and it was hard to tell how he was with no light on.

Watari came to the door, bearing a plate of food.

“Come in,” a soft voice replied. Dean was lying on his bed, left arm behind his head.

"You skipped dinner," he chided softly.

Dean rose and jumped down off the bed, walking towards the table. “I'm sorry, Watari. I had some things to do. What do you have that I'm gonna learn to like tonight?” The hunter smiled up at the older man, but saw no returned smile. His smile turned to apprehension. “Did I do something wrong?”

"I was worried about you. You weren't found on cameras and not answering the door."

“I'm sorry, Watari. I needed to not be seen today. You know as well as I do that L could've found me if he'd wanted to. He couldn't possibly have had all his cameras on. I didn't mean to worry you. Really.” Dean looked concerned, then a look of consternation crossed his face. “I can lock that door and have it where the lock can't be picked, can't I”

"We could take the hinges down if need be."

“Hinges are used to open and shut it. The door will just fall in. Can we put a key in the lock on the inside and turn it so it can't be forced out?”

"Why would you want it?"

“So Sammy, Mello, and Matt can't get in here tonight. Oh! Any noises, screams, and strange sounds you hear tonight. It's okay, just ignore them. Better yet, can you make sure the cameras are on in their rooms tonight? I want pictures. What's for supper?”

"Spaghetti and salad. Dean, what are you planning?"

Dean grinned as he lifted the lid and sniffed deeply of the spicy spaghetti. He looked up at Watari. “What was it Khan said to Kirk? Oh, yeah. Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Dean took a bite of the spaghetti and smiled. “This is good.”

"I'll inform L that a prank is in the works but as far as changing the locks, I'm not sure what can be done at this short a time."

“I'll move furniture against the door. Three of them trying to break in at one time, may be more then I can handle in my situation.” Dean's grin was almost evil. He winked at Watari. “Can you pick the tray up in the morning? I really need to barricade. Oh, you do have a good clean up crew, don't you? Few wet vacs and stuff?”

Oh no..not another one of those kinds of pranks. He rubbed his face. "I am not cleaning up after this one."

Dean grinned again as he chewed some salad. “It's possible they are not going to want the world to know that they've been had. They'll more then likely clean it up themselves. I would.”

"I think tonight is a good night for a cup of tea and a book," he muttered.

“You will have the cameras on?” Dean pleaded with the older man.

"If I really have to, then yes."

“Thank you, Watari. This will be a night to remember, and one to go down in Winchester prank history. I do want to see it.”

Watari shook his head. "As you wish."

Dean finished his meal, and started moving chairs and the recliners towards the door. He was getting tired.

Watari spoke privately to L. It took a LOT of convincing as the man was unhappy with the request. It was a waste of time and the man didn't appreciate it.

Dean was getting exhausted and his shoulder hurt, but the furniture was almost in place.

Matt and Mello were working on projects, snacking occasionally and bantering a bit back and forth between each other.

Dean finished arranging the furniture, turned off the light and went to bed, exhausted, but lighthearted.

Sam curled up, reading in the library. It was nice to have access to so many books.

Dean was in a deep sleep, when everyone decided to turn in.

L grumbled slightly, nibbling on his cake as screams of rage filled the building.

Dean sat up at the screams. He blinked sleep out of his eyes, and knew the war had begun. They'd declared with their prank, and he had to win this one. No holding anything or sitting on anything without checking first. L's money could buy a lot of Superglue. He lay back down to sleep, wondering how soon the three of them would be coming after him.

It didn't take long before all three were at the door, pounding on it.

Dean yawned, “Go away. I'm trying to sleep.”

"Oh're a dead man," Mello roared.

“Murder's frowned upon in this country, Mello. Don't you have a room to clean?”

"No, you're cleaning it," Matt snarled. "You doused my IPOD, player, and laptop!"

“I covered all of your electronics, Matt. You couldn't have noticed with the lights not working. Only thing doused was the bedclothes and you.”

"I went to bed with them," came another snarl. Moments later, there was the sound of a drill.

“Who the hell sleeps with electronics in their bed?” Dean sat up when he heard the drill. He got out of the bed and went to see what was going on. “Sammy? What the hell are you guys doing?”

"Taking the door down, Dean, because you have three rooms to clean..or we're bunking with you."

“No, I'm not cleaning it. I've cleaned up after your jokes. You've cleaned after mind. That's the rules of the game. That gag took a hell of a lot of work and I'm hurting. No, Sam. The beds are fine. I lined them really well. There's clean blankets, sheets, and pillows on a recliner in each of your rooms. There weren't that many balloons in any of the nets. Just enough to turn your balls blue.”

The red head glared at the door. "Payback is a bitch, remember that." He stalked off, obviously upset.

L watched this and shook his head.

Dean sat there, upset. He'd had no idea that Matt slept with his electronics. It was meant to be a joke. He'd never wanted to hurt him. He turned on a lamp and reached for his cell phone, calling Bobby.

"Hello Dean," came the rough voice.

Dean softly said, “Bobby, I screwed up. I need help. What town are we in? Do you know anyone who can repair that equipment? If not, someone I can work a deal with for new stuff? I hope Matt will accept that. It was a joke. I had no idea he took that stuff to bed with him. I need to get it done tonight, morning at the latest.”

"I'll ask L. You didn't know. I'll get Mello and Sam out of the hallway. You need to go talk to Matt and apologize. I think that'll do a lot there."

“Tell L, I'll work to pay for it, if I don't have enough. It's got to come from me.”

"I'll talk to him. You go make it right, OK? Dean, it was a hell of a prank. I'm proud of that one. Swear you're a Singer," he teased.

Dean didn't sound proud of it any more. “Let me know when they're gone, will ya? I got a lot of furniture to move, I wasn't expecting to touch til morning.”

"They're out. Sam and Mello are working on Mello's room first."

“There's not that much to clean, Bobby. I arranged it so the blankets and stuff soaked up most of the ice water. There'll be pieces of balloon. Everything's ready for a quick clean up. I wasn't being mean. Just joking.Thanks. I'll get up to Matt's room as soon as I can. Gotta move a bunch of furniture to get out the door. Night, Bobby.”

"Sleep well, Dean. I'll go talk to L now."

Dean thought that sleeping well would depend on the three who were out to kill him tonight. All Matt had to do was let the others know he was out, and all hell would break loose. He felt like he was entering the lion's den clad only in his boxers. It took about 30 minutes to put all the furniture back. He unlocked the door and headed to the elevator.

Matt was in his room, trying to dry out the electronics. The prank was a good one..just for people who didn't have his sleeping habits.

There was a sudden knock on his door. “Matt?”

"Come in."

The door slowly opened, and Dean Winchester entered the room and shut the door, a brave thing to do, considering.

Goggled eyes looked up for a moment before going back to work on his equipment.
“I came to apologize. I didn't know you slept with your stuff. I'm going to work out a deal to get it all taken care of so it'll be good as new. I'm sorry. I'm turning myself over. You said payback's a bitch. Yeah, it is. If you want, you can call Sam and Mello. I'm here.”

"I shot off when I shouldn't have. One thing that's odd about the kids who grew up in Whammy's House, each of us have odd night time rituals. L doesn't sleep but maybe once in a blue moon. Near goes until he falls over and sleeps where he was working. I tend to play and listen to music until I fall asleep

“Yeah, I can go for days if I have to, but it kills me. I can lay down on a bed and I'm gone. Have to do that. Sleep when I can get it."

He nodded, not looking up from his work. "'s just an affect of the stress and stuff. Some can sleep normally..others are just insomniacs."

“Damn it, Matt. I'm so sorry.” Matt could hear tears in Dean's voice.

Matt looked up. "I'm not pissed. I was but it's OK. You didn't know. Seriously, it was a damned good prank."

“I hurt you. Never intended that.”Dean had his cell in his hand and dialed Sam's. When his brother picked up, he said four words, “I'm in Matt's room.”

"Are you always so willing to beat yourself up over a mistake?"

“When I deserve it, yeah. I do deserve it.”

He set his tools down. "First, you apologized. Second, I accepted. End of story..water under the bridge and shit like that. Seriously, it's OK. I have everything backed up. Have to with Mello around. Do you know how many keyboards we go through around here between him and L?"

Dean shook his head, hearing the elevator stop. He winced and waited. “Well, I am fixing to face the terrible twosome. Thanks, Matt. Sometimes you have to know?”

Dean turned and walked into the hallway, waiting for his brother and Mello.

Both emerged from the elevator, turning supersoakers on him.

Dean turned to run and his feet went out from under him and he fell flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him, He ripped the robe open pulling the best he could to cover the bandage, rolling and struggling on the slick tile and floundering like a beached whale. Sam and Mello could hear cursing coming up from the floor.

Near came out of his room, rubbing his eyes and quickly went to help Dean to his feet.

“Stay away, Near! If you fell helping me, you could hurt your wounds. They'll stop in a minute.”

Matt had come out too, helping him as well. "Damn it, guys..stop spraying and get over here!"

“Matt, you and Near will both end up down here with me. Stay away til their done. They have the right.”

"No they damn well don't. If you don't stop, Mello, I'll kick your damned ass!"
“I did the same thing to them I did to you, Matt.”

Sam had put his soaker down, coming to help his brother. "Sorry, Dean, I didn't mean to get you on the floor."

“It's all right, Sam. I had it coming.”

A stern voice broke in. "Water guns away. You two will clean up the mess in this hallway.” L moved in, helping Dean to his feet. "Watari is waiting with towels in your room to help you dry and redress."

“I'm sorry, L. It was just supposed to be a prank. I had that coming.” Dean slowly headed to the elevator, pride keeping him from showing his exhaustion. The prank had been hard to set up, then moving the furniture, recliners and all, twice. He knew he'd be bruised by morning. He hurt from the fall and all the crazy things he'd done that day. For some reason he was shivering. He smiled at everyone as he headed around the corner to the elevator, determined that he'd be fine in the morning, even if he wasn't. It was what Bobby called the Winchester stubbornness. He smiled once, though. It had been a damn good prank.

"It was a good prank. Mello needs to learn to restrain his temper, and he will be given a lesson tomorrow to enforce it." Said blond winced. "Now, I want this hallway cleaned up," he looked at Sam and Mello, who both nodded.

Dean stood outside his door, breathing hard, and striving to calm it before he entered. It was so aggravating. He wanted to be well. He was tired of hurting and being tired and weak whenever he did something.

Watari met him, helping him inside and to dry off.

Dean was shivering, his teeth chattering. “Damn! I'm sorry about the robe, Watari. I was trying hard to protect the bandages. Not sure how badly they got it.” He let the older man help him dry off and change. He sat down on the bed but could barely make the leap.

"It isn't a problem, Dean."

“Damn it! I'm freezing. I'm so tired. That's it. I'm done with pranks.” The hunter grew quiet for a minute. He looked up at the older man.

“Have I lost Mello?”

"I don't think so but I would watch my back for a few days until he retaliates. You've started a prank war," he answered, tucking a heating pad in with Dean.

“Shit. That means if I don't retaliate back, he's going to lose respect for me.” Dean sighed. “Too tired to think about it right now.”

Dean was gone by the time he murmured the last words.

Watari left the room, allowing Dean to get the rest he needed.

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